Lithuanian president spoke in an interview with British media

The Lithuanian government recently publicly announced that it would allow the Taiwan authorities to set up “representative offices” in the name of “Taiwan”. In this regard, China decided to recall the Chinese ambassador to Lithuania and asked the legislative government to recall the ambassador to China. The Financial Times reported on the 15th that Lithuanian President gitanas nauseda said in an interview with the newspaper that he would never make concessions in the dispute with Belarus and China, emphasizing Lithuania’s commitment to “defend democratic principles and values from attack”.

In the interview, nauseda “suggested” that China “reconsider and change the decision to recall the ambassador”, and declared that “as an independent sovereign state, Lithuania can freely decide which countries or regions to develop economic and cultural relations with”. He added: “we hope to establish relations with China on the principle of mutual respect, otherwise the dialogue will become a unilateral ultimatum, which is unacceptable in international relations.”“ Sometimes our neighbors or some other countries don’t like these principles and values, but we can’t choose another way. This is our way, and we know it’s not the easiest way. ”

With regard to Lithuania’s misconduct on Taiwan related issues, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on the 11th that China’s move seriously damages China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and seriously violates the one China principle. China has the right and should make a legitimate and reasonable response. China urges the three sides to earnestly fulfill their commitment to adhere to the one China principle and create conditions for the stable and healthy development of bilateral relations.

In the face of China’s resolute attitude, nauseda said in the interview that Lithuania and China still have the potential to develop political, economic and cultural relations, and hopes that China can reconsider and change its decision. He also insisted that Lithuania has always supported the one China principle since the establishment of diplomatic relations with China in 1991.

In addition to pointing fingers at China’s affairs, Lithuania has also clashed with Belarus and Russia. Last week, Lithuania opposed illegal immigration through Belarus and asked border guards to forcibly expel immigrants who did not transit through official ports. The Lithuanian defense minister accused Russia of invading the website of the Lithuanian Ministry of foreign affairs. Nauseda told the financial times that Lithuania borders Russia and Belarus. In its long history, Lithuania has been used to and learned how to deal with these “difficult neighbors”. Belarus used illegal immigrants to launch a real “mixed attack” against Lithuania. The most important signal Lithuania can send to white is that “democratic countries are not weak. Democratic countries are strong, United and respect the rule of law. They should not be considered weak”. Nauseda also said that the upcoming “west-2021” joint military exercise between Belarus and Russia may exacerbate regional tensions. Although there is no evidence that Russia may have participated in the “mixed attack” carried out by Belarus, no one can deny that this incident is more or less beneficial to Russia.