Chinese in Kabul

On August 15, Taliban forces entered Kabul and the political situation in Afghanistan changed. Foreign media said that Afghan President Ghani and vice president had flown to Tajikistan that day and would flee to a third country. Before that, most Chinese in Kabul had returned to their motherland by charter plane. Global network reporter contacted a Chinese who did not leave Kabul on the evening of the 15th. He was unwilling to disclose his name because of security problems. Let’s call him Mr. Zhang for the time being. During the dialogue, he told reporters about the thrilling day in Kabul.

The following is the dialogue between global network reporter and him:

Global network: many Chinese have left Kabul. Why didn’t you go? What do you do in Kabul?

Mr. Zhang: I didn’t leave Kabul because of my work. We look at the situation. If there is a danger, we will evacuate. At present, it is scheduled to withdraw on the 19th( Its work is not public for safety reasons)

World Wide Web: where were you and what did you experience on the thrilling day in Kabul? What’s on the streets of Kabul now?

Mr. Zhang: the power supply in Kabul began at about 11 p.m. on the 14th. The power supply in the whole city stopped until 6 a.m. this morning, and then came at 8 o’clock. After two hours of power supply, it stopped until now. Our camp was completely blocked all day, including local employees. Now our security personnel here can’t go out. All our food and fuel are stored, drinking water is also groundwater, and we store mineral water. Now the network is also OK. We use our own generators and Huawei network equipment. It is very reliable. The network has always been relatively smooth.

Now crowds welcoming the Taliban have appeared on the streets of Kabul. The biggest change in my personal feeling is that there are no people at the checkpoints and police stations on the streets. In the past, almost every district in Kabul had strict checkpoints and special police forces. Now there is no one, no government forces, and no Taliban to take over. We can see from the news sent by our friends that the Taliban in the periphery and in the suburbs of Kabul have begun to be on duty.

Now the streets of Kabul are generally not chaotic. There are no people on the streets, no police and few ordinary people. It depends on tonight and tomorrow night. Will there be some riots in the near future. It was said that the Taliban did not enter the city before. Now the Taliban have entered the city. At the same time, the Taliban have appeared in policedistrict 9 (Kabul Administrative Region) and policedistrict 1-15 parks.

In addition, helicopters in the sky have been flying all the time, mainly American helicopters. They have to come and go 20 or 30 times. Occasionally armed planes fly by. There were gunshots in the street, but few.

Global network: are your Afghan friends worried that the Taliban regime will return to the ruling mode of the 1990s? Do you have such worries?

Mr. Zhang: according to my observation, the attitude of Afghan friends around me is still very fragmented. Pashtuns generally tell me that the Taliban is not terrible and there was no problem in the past. The Tajiks and Kazaks are relatively neutral. They think it doesn’t matter who is in power, and the government is very corrupt. It doesn’t matter who is in power. Hazara people are more anti Taliban and think they will resist to the end.

As for whether the new Taliban regime will return to the ruling mode of the last century, I don’t know and dare not answer. The Taliban is still relatively open-minded and has made many changes, including allowing women not to wear headscarves, and allowing some women to receive education, but no one knows what will happen in the future.

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