The Taliban captured the Afghan capital

According to Taiwan’s “Zhongshi news network”, Zhao Shaokang said that the Democratic Progressive Party instilled in the Taiwanese the idea that “the mainland will not fight Taiwan” and “the United States will come to save” and “it is foolish and irresponsible to completely hand over the future of Taiwan and the lives of Taiwanese to China (mainland) and the United States.”

Zhao Shaokang said that the U.S. policy towards Taiwan is actually the same as that towards Afghanistan, which is to “help you train your own army to defend your own ‘country’.” the difference is that the United States gives money to Afghanistan, we give money to the United States, and there is no U.S. troops. How long do you think Taiwan can resist with its current military quality and training? ”

According to the report, Zhao Shaokang said that the green camp would say that Taiwan is more important to the United States than Afghanistan, but Afghanistan is the hub of Central Asia with a population of 38 million. “Now it falls into the hands of the Taliban and is likely to become an important training base for terrorists again. The threat to the United States has greatly increased. If it is not important to the United States, Why did the United States send 100000 troops to fight in Afghanistan in its heyday? ”

Zhao Shaokang believes that everything still depends on himself. “The mainland is unpredictable and the United States is unreliable. The two sides of the Strait should” want peace and not war “. If they want war, they should make good preparations. The question is, is Taiwan ready for war? If Taiwan does not want to become the second Afghanistan, it must think clearly between “peace” and “war”, whether it wants peace or war, how it wants peace and how it wants war. ”

In addition, Kuomintang “legislator” Hong mengkai also said frankly that many people feel that the war in Afghanistan has a sense of immediate vision of the Vietnam War. The United States has been operating in Afghanistan for 20 years. It suddenly withdrew when it said to withdraw, leaving a lot of military equipment and materials behind. Isn’t this an extremely ironic thing? He hoped that the people of Taiwan would keep in mind that “it is best to rely on everyone to run, and it is best to rely on themselves”.

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Asia Weekly: the U.S. military has always abandoned chaos and fled in the dark. The situation in Afghanistan has unexpectedly impacted Taiwan’s security

“Afghanistan’s impact on Taiwan, US troops’ hasty withdrawal and abandoning the shadow all the time”, an article was published on the cover of the latest issue of Asia Weekly in Hong Kong. The article said that the situation in Afghanistan had an unexpected impact on Taiwan’s security, the hasty withdrawal of the U.S. military, and the embarrassment of the great powers in the Middle East.

The article said that countless U.S. troops fighting around the world fled in the night of Afghanistan last week. Even Afghan commanders did not know that the U.S. troops had run away. The hasty withdrawal of the U.S. military in Afghanistan is naturally reminiscent of the situation in Taiwan: the U.S. attitude towards its allies is chilling. After holding the U.S. thigh for 20 years, Afghanistan has nothing. Finally, the U.S. military withdrew quietly, leaving a mess. Qiu kunxuan, a former Advisory member of Taiwan’s “National Security Council”, said with emotion: “the United States has dominated the world for so long, but it still can’t be trusted.”

The article said that the DPP authorities put their hot face on the United States, did not hesitate to devalue themselves into a card, and even risked the conflict between the United States and China to stand on the line of fire and put Taiwan in danger. The green camp public opinion has long claimed that the US military will come to save Taiwan. A recent poll shows that many Taiwanese still have hope for US military assistance: if there is fire between the two sides of the Strait, the US military will come to save Taiwan.

“Americans have no way to save us. At least one or two weeks after the war, it is unlikely that the United States will come to save Taiwan. “. Su Qi, former Secretary General of Taiwan’s “National Security Council,” said“ The United States has only one aircraft carrier “Reagan” in Japan in the Pacific Ocean, and the other four to five are in San Diego on the West Bank of the United States. It takes 21 days to sail from San Diego to Taiwan. “. Su Qi said that if there is a war in the Taiwan Strait, aircraft carriers can easily be locked by mainland missiles when they travel long distances. Therefore, the United States began to think about how to reduce its dependence on aircraft carriers and increase the use of long-range weapons, including long-range missiles and bombers.

“The next question is where does the United States want these long-range weapons to fight? If it hits the mainland, the conflict will rise immediately and Taiwan will be the first to end “. Su Qi said.