Alleged contract fraud

Recently, Feng Lun, a former real estate tycoon, was accused of contract fraud and misappropriation of 42.48 million yuan, which attracted market attention.

The Red Star capital Bureau noted that the matter was caused by an article published by the netizen “Bashu independent review” on August 13, “the twilight of business tycoon Feng Lun: suspected of misappropriating funds was filed by Sanya police”, which directly pointed out that Feng Lun misappropriated 42.48 million yuan of funds by taking advantage of his position, and this huge amount of funds was owned by a central enterprise.

It is reported that a number of property buyers have reported the case to Sanya Public Security Bureau, and the police have officially filed the case.

Late at night on August 13, Feng Lun urgently issued a statement through @ Feng Lunfeng Manau’s official microblog, saying: “maliciously distorting facts, fabricating false information, slandering and slandering me, which has seriously infringed on my personal rights and interests. In this regard, I will report the case to the police and reserve all other rights of prosecution. ”

Feng Lun, chairman of Yufeng group and founder of Wantong Group

Red Star capital Bureau contacted Feng Lun and Sanya police respectively, but has not received a reply yet.

Former real estate tycoon Feng Lun

Alleged contract fraud and misappropriation of funds

“Bashu independent review” said that on November 2, 2018, Sanya Wantong Health Development Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sanya Wantong”) paid 42.48 million yuan to an organization in Shanghai at the request of the payment notice issued by Feng Lun, chairman and legal representative.

Tianyancha app shows that Sanya Wantong was established in 2016, and the chairman and actual controller are Feng Lun. The registered capital is 5 million yuan. The business scope of the company is “health industry investment, industrial investment, investment consulting (excluding financial and economic business consulting) and enterprise management consulting, elderly care and health care property development, leasing and information consulting, medical elderly care services (including rehabilitation, nursing and life care), and development and management services”.

However, a person from Sanya Wantong said: “the fund is actually a cooperative central enterprise. The member funds of Sanya project collected by Sanya Wantong company are not Sanya Wantong’s own funds.” As a result, the central enterprise project has always been unable to recover the money, and there is a situation that it is unable to refund the money to the buyer about one year later.

“Bashu independent review” said that since December 8, 2020, many home buyers have reported to Sanya Public Security Bureau. It also showed a case filing notice issued by Sanya Economic Investigation Detachment. The case filing notice wrote: “in the case of misappropriation of funds on December 08, our bureau believes that it meets the conditions for filing a criminal case… We hereby file a case.” The time is December 19, 2020.

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