Sudden changes in the political situation in Afghanistan

Want to concentrate on China? US President Biden’s wishful thinking failed. As the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan and the United States withdrew in panic, the international media made a new interpretation and judgment on the sudden change in the political situation in Afghanistan.

“The Afghan crisis has hampered Biden’s efforts to focus on China.”《 The Nikkei Asia review issued a document on this topic on the 16th, saying that while the tension in Afghanistan continues to escalate, the criticism faced by the White House is also increasing. At the same time, “the efforts of U.S. President Biden to focus his foreign policy on China have fallen into chaos.”

“Shock” – many observers in Washington and Western countries expressed such feelings in the face of the Taliban’s continuous occupation of cities and the rapid collapse of Afghan government forces.

The report said that with the news that the Taliban “marched” into Kabul and Afghan President Ghani fled abroad, the United States thousands of miles away also acted quickly: Biden and Harris held a video conference with their national security team for emergency talks. Present at the meeting were U.S. Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln, Secretary of defense Austin and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff mark Miley, director burns of the Central Intelligence Agency, director Haines of national intelligence, and national security adviser Sullivan. White House officials disclosed that they discussed the security situation in Kabul and the evacuation of diplomatic personnel and their families in Afghanistan and the United States.

On the one hand, the Biden government is facing doubts about Afghanistan’s policy and trying to clean up the mess; On the other hand, the report mentioned that some analysts believe that the “political agenda” may be another factor considered by Biden – with the mid-term elections in November 2022 approaching, from a political point of view, it seems better to face the inevitable chaos now than next year.

It is reported that when the Biden government announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, he said he was ending the longest war in U.S. history and turning his attention to fighting China and the epidemic.