Belarus resents Ukraine

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was directly “canonized” by netizens after the press conference on August 9.

As the saying goes, you have Zhang Liangji, and I cross the wall ladder again. Lukashenko said, “believe it or not, I’ll let you kneel down within 24 hours?” Let many netizens call: that’s hard!

At the press conference, when Ukrainian journalists asked Lukashenko “will you impose sanctions on Ukraine”, Lukashenko directly responded: “we will not take any sanctions against Ukraine, but if we want you to kneel down, we will join hands with your unwelcome President Putin to let you kneel down within 24 hours!”

This remark immediately attracted the attention of all walks of life in the world. For Lukashenko’s bluntly, although Ukraine is holding its breath, it dare not “refute”. After all, President Lukashenko of Belarus is telling the truth. Once Belarus and Russia jointly cut off the supply of electricity, fuel and lubricating oil, it will be an absolute blow to Ukraine.

Lukashenko also stressed that although we can do so, we will not use such means to crack down on you. After all, this is economy, not politics. It can be seen that President Lukashenko of Belarus has a very clear mind. This statement not only has a deterrent effect on Ukraine, but also shows his country’s “hard power”.

However, Ukraine is not a “gentleman”. Ukraine had previously imposed anti-dumping sanctions on Belarus’s gasified silicate and other building materials. Lukashenko denounced this time, “you should not swing the weapons of sanctions, because you are also very dependent on yourself”. Once the sanctions war between the two sides starts, it will lead to huge economic losses for both countries.

There are really not many presidents like Lukashenko who can speak clearly. In this way, Ukraine does not need excessive interpretation, but also can clearly know its “position”, in which Ukraine must seriously consider the interests!

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