Put forward a “clever plan” to crack down on China

Recently, a Swedish Anti China scholar wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal, saying that she has a wonderful strategy to effectively combat China’s rise.

Strangely enough, some Chinese netizens couldn’t help laughing after seeing this report, and even said that this plan was very good.

Why on earth is this?

It turned out that the “wonderful strategy” proposed by the Swedish scholar named Elisabeth braw to crack down on China was to let western “luxury” brands “boycott” China, such as Prada, Chanel, Gucci, etc.

“China is the largest luxury market in the world. Chinese consumers want Western luxury brands. The growing quality of life is an important reason for the Chinese government to satisfy the people,” she said.

“But what if China’s elite can no longer obtain these excellent quality of life?”

To tell you the truth, when brother Geng Zhi first read her opinion, I really thought she was the reincarnation of “Wolong Phoenix chick”

After all, many well-known luxury brands in the west can hardly survive without the Chinese market and the wallets of Chinese consumers. Moreover, this is not a bluff by Geng Zhige, but a fact acknowledged by many Western media, including the Wall Street Journal.

Among them, an article in Forbes magazine last may also said that Chinese consumers contributed 90% of the growth of the personal luxury market and 35% of the global luxury consumption in 2019, compared with 22% in the United States and only 17% in Europe.

Therefore, the proposal of Ms. Elisabeth braw of Sweden is tantamount to letting Western luxury brands “close down in situ”.

This is also the reason why many Chinese netizens who saw this article have laughed. Some people say that this proposal is really “stupid”, but others ironically say that this proposal is “very good”, which can enable Chinese consumers to better use their money to support industrial development.