The Olympic champion is on fire

The Tokyo Olympics ended and the Chinese delegation ended with a perfect result of 38 gold medals.

The 14-year-old Quan hongchan is undoubtedly a gorgeous color in this Olympic Games.

From poor families, in order to make money, she tried to win prizes for her mother’s treatment, and finally won the championship with almost full marks. This sensible and stubborn little girl has gained the support and love of countless people.

But unexpectedly, some netizens who love Quan hongchan began to attack her teammate Chen Yuxi, who won the silver medal.

They found that Quan hongchan often @ Chen Yuxi when sending videos on social platforms, but Chen rarely mentioned Quan.

In their view, this is the evidence that Chen Yuxi isolated Quan hongchan, and infers that Chen Yuxi despises rural children.

They not only feel sorry for the whole sister’s unhappy life in the national team, but also worry about her future: if her sister wins the gold medal, she will be jealous and jealous by her teammates.

Even ran to Chen Yuxi’s account and asked her: why not @ our whole sister!

Looking for the evidence that the whole sister of “my family” was targeted from the clues, it seems to stand out for her, but it never thought about Quan hongchan’s situation.

Friends who are familiar with the rice circle may think this scene is a little familiar.

Yes, the hand of rice circle culture still extends to sports.

Rice circle invades Sports

In fact, there are already traces of the rice circle invading the sports industry.

The most representative is the Chinese table tennis team.

After the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, table tennis became popular. Some people were conquered by the strong strength of the national table tennis corps, and some were fascinated by the handsome appearance of the athletes. The national table tennis represented by Malone and Zhang Jike gained unprecedented popularity, and the number of fans increased sharply.

When returning from Rio, a large number of fans went to pick up the plane, and the treatment was no less than that of a popular star.

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