Andy Lau was sued and claimed nearly 100 million yuan

Andy Lau, who has been popular for 40 years, just opened a live broadcast for two hours at the end of July, which attracted more than 100 million people. Unexpectedly, he has just celebrated, but recently “put things on the table”.

Andy Lau was charged

Recently, Chengdu global Bona culture media Co., Ltd. sued Andy Lau and the six producers of the film anti drug 2 starring him to court for infringement disputes, and proposed joint and several compensation of RMB 9999999.

Anti drug 2 is a film released in the mainland on July 5, 2019. Andy Lau acted as the producer and star of the film, with a cumulative box office of 1.313 billion that year, and won a number of awards, such as Hong Kong Film Awards and Huading awards. Later, he competed for the “Best International Film Award” on behalf of Hong Kong, China.

However, globegroup Bona believes that “anti drug 2” copied its film “perfect lover” made in 2006. Whether it is the film shooting method, the relationship and occupation of characters in the script, the story background, the setting of important plots, the form of ending treatment, film poster design, clothing design, etc., all details “completely” copied “perfect lover”, Therefore, globegroup Bona filed a claim of nearly 100 million yuan.

At present, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court has filed a case against this.

Anti drug 2 is accused of complete plagiarism

Director a Sheng is the chairman of Bona of globegroup. He said he found that “anti drug 2” was suspected of plagiarism at the end of last year, so he spent more than half a year collecting and sorting out the evidence, and has now submitted the relevant evidence to the court.

In 2006, director a Sheng directed the perfect lover, which tells the story of four men: Liang Feng (a Sheng), Ding Li, Zhang Qiang, the third policeman, and Yao Kun (adoptive father), an elder who was once supported by both men.

Anti drug 2 tells the story of gratitude, resentment and hatred between male master Yu Shuntian (played by Andy Lau), male second dizang (played by Gu Tianle), male third policeman Lin Zhengfeng (played by Miao Qiaowei), and elder Yu Nan (played by Zheng Zeshi), who is jointly supported by male first and second.