Who have been targeted and killed in recent

Israeli journalists first announced the assassination on Twitter.

Mr Trump, too, was the first to retweet the tweet.

Iran, nuclear physicist, national honor

Who do you think is responsible for this suicide terrorist attack?

Fahrizad is an Iranian scientist targeted, but not the first.

Iran’s capital, Tehran, has a museum of martyrs that houses the cars of Iranian scientists who have been targeted and killed in recent years.

Everything in the car tells us what happened to the owner.

In 1958, China’s nuclear program was started.

And the new China of right now just established 9 years, domestic still lurk a large number of Kuomintang secret service.

There are only a few people in The whole of China who are capable of being nuclear weapons leaders.

If these people can be targeted killing, it will directly strangle China’s nuclear weapons, the effect of a thousand jin.

And protecting these scientists is very difficult, and we can’t afford to lose any of them.

Therefore, all scientists must remain anonymous, abandon all honor and wealth, hold an ordinary title and get an ordinary salary, and spend several decades in the desolate desert.

Even their loved ones didn’t know what they were doing.

In the films about the birth of China’s atomic bomb, every scientist is asked this question: “Are you willing to remain anonymous for the rest of your life?”

Have a family, but not return.

Everyone involved in China’s nuclear program is a top talent.

Wang Chengshu, one of the most important nuclear weapons and the only woman to lead China’s early uranium enrichment efforts, was born in 1912.

In 1930, Wang Chengshu was admitted to the Physics department of Yenching University.

In 1934, Wang Chengshu graduated first in his class for three consecutive years.

In 1941, wang Chengshu won the American Balbo Scholarship, came to the University of Michigan, and became the student of professor Uhlenbeck, an international authority on physics.

In 1951, Wang Chengshu and his tutor created the “WCU(Wang Chengshu-Ulenbeek) equation”, which was so valuable that it caused a stir all over the world and is still used today.

In 1955, an agreement was reached between China and the United States to allow the Return of Scientists of Chinese descent, and Wang submitted his application immediately.

“If you stay in the United States, you have a great chance of winning the Nobel Prize in the future,” lamented Ulenbeek, her mentor.

But Wang Chengshu resolutely returned home.

Shortly after his return to China, Wang Chengshu disappeared completely in the field of human physics.

Because she wants to enrich uranium for the new China.

Wang Chengshu is a genius from every point of view.

Those who have done more than Wang Chengshu, or even received the two-bullet one-star medal, are even more talented.

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  • The core talents will be targeted, and the same people who are harmful to society will also be followed

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