There is a double transmission chain in this round of epidemic in Yangzhou

According to the Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission, 54 new local confirmed cases were reported in Yangzhou from 0:00 to 24:00 on August 10. Since July 28, a total of 448 local confirmed cases have been reported in Yangzhou, which has become the main battlefield of epidemic prevention and control in Jiangsu.

Surging news (www.thepaper. CN) noted that since the outbreak of the epidemic in Yangzhou, the two transmission chains of “chess and card room transmission chain” and “nucleic acid detection point cross infection” have attracted much attention. Among them, “nucleic acid detection point cross infection” has also spread for three generations.

Public data show that from July 28 to 31, the newly confirmed cases in Yangzhou were 2, 4, 10 and 12 respectively. In August, the number of cases increased suddenly and remained high. On August 5, the number of new cases reached 58. According to CCTV news 1 + 1, the epidemic situation in Yangzhou has entered a “peak platform period”.

As of August 9, five rounds of large-scale nucleic acid testing had been carried out in the main urban area of Yangzhou. At present, the official only disclosed two rounds of nucleic acid results, which showed that 13 cases were positive in the third round and 25 cases were positive in the fifth round. On August 11, Yangzhou carried out the sixth round of large-scale nucleic acid detection in the main urban area.

Since August 11, Yangzhou has set up six key epidemic control areas for the first time, and personnel outside the area are not allowed to enter.

Multi person infection in chess and card room and nucleic acid detection point

Surging news combing found that there are two significant transmission chains in this round of epidemic in Yangzhou. First, the “chess and card room transmission chain” with Mao mouning, the first confirmed case in Yangzhou, as the source. In this round of local epidemic, Mao mouning, a 64 year old woman from Jiangning, Nanjing, left the residence where sealing management measures had been taken without authorization and took a bus to Yangzhou on July 21 to live at her 70 year old sister’s house. Since then, her sister was also diagnosed.

Mao mouning’s activity track shows that from July 21 to 22, she went to the qiunanyuan chess and card room where she played cards for four consecutive days, and there were still people playing cards in the chess and card room until July 28. Subsequently, Mao mouning was arrested by the police on July 29 on suspicion of obstructing the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

After that, the activity track of many confirmed cases showed that they had been to the chess and card room in qiunanyuan, Hongyuan chess and card room and other chess and card rooms, including the elderly in their 70s and 80s.

Another transmission chain is the “nucleic acid detection point transmission chain”. Surging news previously reported that the case track officially released by Yangzhou showed that as of 24:00 on August 8, 35 people had been infected by the aggregated epidemic at the nucleic acid detection point of Lianhe village, Wantou Town, Guangling District, Yangzhou. These 35 people had been to the nucleic acid detection point of Lianhe village on the evening of July 29, or sampled or worked, and three generations of transmission had occurred among the infected people.

After the outbreak, the epidemic prevention and control measures in Yangzhou are also gradually upgrading.

According to the latest news released by Yangzhou, on August 11, Yangzhou set up six key epidemic control areas for the first time, and no personnel outside the area were allowed to enter; Vehicles outside the key epidemic control areas are prohibited from entering and leaving the key epidemic control areas, except for vehicles for epidemic prevention and control, transportation of daily necessities and rescue, fire fighting, emergency rescue, sanitation, police, water and electricity emergency repair, voluntary service and so on.

The virus has latency and concealment, and multiple rounds of nucleic acid screening should be carried out

At 6:30 on August 11, Yangzhou carried out the sixth round of large-scale nucleic acid detection in the main urban area.

According to CCTV news earlier, for the sixth nucleic acid test, the interval between residents queuing for detection changed from 1 meter to 2 meters, increasing the safety distance. Epidemic prevention safety shall be strengthened in the sampling area, and the registrants and sampling personnel in the nucleic acid collection space shall communicate through a small window to further reduce contact with the outside world. A two-story dressing room is set on site to strengthen the epidemic prevention of collection personnel.

Surging news noted that since July 28, large-scale nucleic acid testing has been started in the main urban area of Yangzhou city. Subsequently, the local government carried out several rounds of nucleic acid detection and screening for all staff in the main urban area every 2 to 3 days. The second round on August 1, the third round on August 5, the fourth round on August 7 and the fifth round on August 9. According to the publicly disclosed information, 13 positive cases were screened out in the third round of full staff nucleic acid test, and a total of 1.5944 million people were sampled and tested in the fifth round, with a total of 25 positive cases. However, the official did not disclose whether the first, second and fourth rounds of nucleic acid testing screened positive cases.

During the combing of confirmed cases, surging news found that in addition to multiple rounds of positive nucleic acid screening cases, many new crown patients were diagnosed as close contacts and close contacts. After centralized isolation and management, COVID-19 nucleic acid test results were positive, and patients with confirmed diagnosis were positive when they went to fever clinic, and the results of COVID-19 nucleic acid test were positive. It is worth noting that some of the confirmed patients were found to have negative nucleic acid tests. A few days later, they were diagnosed with COVID-19 when they visited the fever clinic. For example, 390 of the confirmed cases were a 38 year old woman. She returned to her home in the afternoon of July 31st with COVID-19 nucleic acid test negative. COVID-19 and nucleic acid test results were positive on two days after August 8th and 9 days after visiting the fever clinic of Yangzhou Maternal and Child Health-Care Center and Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University.

Why are multiple rounds of large-scale nucleic acid screening needed? Wu Feng, director of the Department of respiratory and critical care medicine of the Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University, said at the Yangzhou epidemic prevention and control press conference on August 8 that since Yangzhou has one high-risk area and more than 70 medium risk areas, there may be risks of community transmission or covert transmission in these areas, and the population in these areas is the key object of “inspection as much as possible”, Repeated rounds of nucleic acid testing are required.