When docked in Indonesia, 50 people boarded the ship

Panamanian cargo ship “Hongjin” set out from the Philippines on July 30 and stayed in Zhoushan sea area for some reason. During this period, 13 of the 20 crew members on board developed fever symptoms. On August 8, Zhoushan started the emergency rescue procedure for the crew of “Hongjin ship”. Up to now, 20 crew members have been properly treated. Among them, 16 were nucleic acid positive and 11 were diagnosed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in the 11 press conference held in Zhoushan on August 10th afternoon. Among them, 1 case was light, 9 cases were common, and 1 case was heavy. So far, the patient’s vital signs have been stable.

After receiving the help, the staff of Zhoushan customs, health, disease control and other departments boarded the ship to carry out sampling and health quarantine, and it was determined that 16 Chinese crew members were nucleic acid positive. As the “Hongjin ship” anchored at the anchorage, a certain number of crew members were required to be on duty. Nine crew members with mild illness took the measure of keeping the ship for treatment.

At present, more than 230 professionals have been invested in Zhoushan to participate in the “Hongjin ship” rescue. Forenoon of August 10th, Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission has sent two experts to Zhoushan to guide the crew to translocate, treat patients, and control hospital feeling.

According to the recent docking track and events of Hongjin ship in more than a month, some crew members recalled that during the docking in Indonesia, 50 people boarded the ship for loading and unloading for half a month, and there was basically no protection, “they felt afraid at that time”.

For overseas loading and unloading, what should be paid attention to in such links? Yin Jun, vice president of the Law School of Shanghai Maritime University, said that the key depends on whether the ship crew and enterprises have made the greatest determination to prevent and control the epidemic“ Four kinds of people “should be highly concerned and paid close attention to under certain circumstances. The four category of people is COVID-19’s diagnosis, suspected cases, and those who are not able to exclude the patients with fever and those who are diagnosed with COVID-19. These four kinds of people, according to certain technical means, make sure that he has the relevant possibility through relevant tests, and have to make up their minds not to let them aboard the ship and take relevant control measures. Only in this way can this incident be avoided to a great extent.

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More than half of the 20 Chinese crew members had fever in five days and urgently asked for help: the only day after they were vaccinated would be good

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the crew at sea still had the opportunity to step on the land in a few days of berthing; After the outbreak of the epidemic, no matter which port in which country they arrived, the crew basically had no possibility to get off the ship. They named such a day – water prison.

On August 6, the crew’s family released the crew’s help photo. Picture provided by the interviewee

On the evening of August 9, Zhou nianan watched the first batch of rescued crew leave the “Hongjin ship”, boarded the tugboat to rescue and sailed ashore.

Hong Jin is a Panamanian cargo ship. According to the crew list, the crew on this ship are all Chinese.

Zhou nianan said that after leaving the Philippines on July 30, Hongjin ship started from the chief engineer, and 13 of the 20 crew members successively developed fever and other symptoms.

After calling for help on the Internet, Hongjin’s plight attracted attention. Zhoushan Health Commission issued a circular on the disposal of Hongjin ship, saying that at 11 a.m. on August 9, Zhoushan customs, health, disease control and other departments boarded the ship and tested the crew for nucleic acid. At 21:30 on August 9, 16 people were confirmed to be nucleic acid positive.

According to the circular, 11 crew members have been connected to designated medical institutions point-to-point closed-loop, and the other patients are temporarily detained on board for treatment.

Zhou nianan also wanted to get off the ship, but he was not on this list. The wait will continue, but in any case, the worst is over.