China and the United States exchanged views on the South China Sea issue at the UN Security Council

According to Reuters, US Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln criticized the so-called “bullying” in the South China Sea at the meeting on the same day and warned the United Nations Security Council that the conflict here “will have serious global consequences for security and commerce”. The Chinese representative made a strong response and refuted it.

“Conflicts in the South China Sea or any sea will have serious global consequences for security and commerce,” BLANKEN declared at the meeting. “When a country does not face any consequences due to ignoring these rules, it will exacerbate impunity and instability everywhere.”“ We have seen dangerous encounters between ships at sea and provocative actions to promote ‘illegal maritime claims’. ” He claimed that Washington was “concerned” about “intimidating and bullying other countries to legally obtain their marine resources”.

According to the report, blankin’s statement was immediately refuted by Ambassador Dai Bing, China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations. He criticized the United States for “creating something out of nothing” and “wanton provocation” on the South China Sea issue“ The United States is not qualified to gossip about the South China Sea issue, “Dai Bing stressed.” as an extraterritorial country, the United States frequently drives advanced ships and aircraft into the South China Sea, wantonly provokes and openly stirs up discord among regional countries. “This country itself has become the biggest threat to peace and stability in the South China Sea.”.

It is reported that the South China Sea has become one of the many triggers of tension between China and the United States.

On the South China Sea issue, the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs has previously stated its position on many occasions. In response to “some countries outside the region have repeatedly made waves on the South China Sea issue in recent years, provoked discord and undermined regional peace and stability”, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on the 7th that the East Asia cooperation mechanism is not a suitable place to discuss the South China Sea issue, but some countries outside the region insist on using this platform to exaggerate hype and discredit China for no reason. State Councilor Wang Yi and foreign minister comprehensively and systematically expounded China’s position and stressed that facts, laws, consensus and regional countries should be respected on the South China Sea issue. He pointed out that the overall situation in the South China Sea is stable, and the freedom of navigation and overflight are protected according to law. This is the result of the joint efforts of China and ASEAN countries, which can not be criticized and denied. Fearing that the world would not be chaotic, individual countries outside the region frequently drove a large number of advanced ships and aircraft into the South China Sea, wantonly provoked, and openly provoked discord among regional countries, especially the countries concerned, which has become the biggest threat to the peace and stability of the South China Sea. Wang Yi warned them to earnestly respect the efforts made by countries in the region to maintain peace and not to extend their black hands to the South China Sea.

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What happened? After the Chinese and British aircraft carriers “in the same frame” in the South China Sea, the British aircraft carrier formation slipped away

Since April this year, Britain has been hyping that the naval ship formation led by the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” will set off for global overseas dispatch operations and “brush the existence” in the South China Sea in the future.

This action is not only hyped by the British media, but also fueled by the western media. What “the most powerful aircraft carrier in British history is about to deploy overseas for the first time”, “the largest British Naval Formation in 38 years”, “this trip will prove to the world that Britain is not going backwards, but moving forward”… All kinds of high hats are worn by Britain.

But after the aircraft carrier formation set off in May, problems continued to arise.

First, the guardian was expelled by Russia with live ammunition in the Black Sea; Then came the outbreak of COVID-19 on the carrier. Then came the 45 destroyer diamond, known as “the most powerful air defense destroyer in Europe”, which left the formation halfway.

After stumbling all the way, the aircraft carrier formation with high hopes of the Royal Navy finally entered the South China Sea at the end of last month.

The “theater” column of the US “power” website can not hide its excitement. In the report, it said that “both Chinese and British aircraft carriers are sailing in the tense South China Sea”, and attached the “same frame” satellite image, saying that the British “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier formation is in the South China Sea, and the PLA aircraft carrier Shandong ship is also active in the same sea area.

This satellite image of “Chinese and British aircraft carriers converging in the South China Sea” was obtained by a twitter user through the analysis of satellite images provided by the European Space Agency and the U.S. Geological Survey. From the image, the two aircraft carriers are about 580 nautical miles (about 1074 kilometers) apart. The Shandong ship seems to be sailing in the south of Hainan Island, while the “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier is located east of the coast of Vietnam.