Quxian County, Sichuan Province after heavy rain

On August 9, tuxi Town, Qu county, Dazhou, Sichuan, was scorching in the sun. Without careful observation, it was difficult to find that there was a heavy rainstorm one day ago, and the accumulated rainfall here was once the largest in Dazhou.

According to the Dazhou Meteorological Observatory, from the day of the 7th, there were heavy rain to heavy rain in the city, and regional heavy rain in Qu county and Dazhu. From 8:00 on the 7th to 7:00 on the 9th, there were 126 stations with rainfall of 100-200 mm, 40 stations with rainfall of 200-300 mm, 31 stations with rainfall of more than 300 mm and 5 stations with rainfall of more than 400 mm. The maximum cumulative rainfall of tuxi (Shuikou) in Qu county was 515.9 mm.

The heavy rain in the mountains comes and goes quickly. People in the town are returning to normal life.

The boy saved the villagers in the flood

In this rainstorm, the most widely circulated picture is not how heavy the local rain is, but the process of a boy in black rescuing the villagers who are about to be washed away by the flood.

The live video showed that the flood in the ditch had covered the road, and a villager fell down with his car. Just as the flood was about to wash him away, a boy in a black T-shirt waded knee deep flood to him and pulled him to safety. While the villager was rescued, his motorcycle was washed away by the flood.

The scene of saving people took place in Shuima lane, tuxi Town, where there is a ditch. Li Jianjun, a 30-year-old man in black, was an employee of Quxian Hutong Gas Co., Ltd. he was patrolling a gas station by the ditch.

Li Jianjun told the Jimu news reporter that there was a Rainstorm on the 8th, the water level in the ditch soared, and the gas station supplied gas to seven or eight thousand households in the town. If there were problems, the consequences would be unimaginable. At 1:50 p.m., he went to the gas station to check the situation. Suddenly, he heard someone shouting. He didn’t hear what the other party shouted. He saw a villager with people and car lying on the path beside the ditch. At that time, the flood was fierce and it was likely to wash the villagers away.

Li Jianjun said that at that time, the water on the road was knee deep and the water was very urgent. After he pulled the villagers up, the villagers’ motorcycles were washed away. At that time, he didn’t think much about saving people, but he felt afraid when he saw the video taken by others afterwards.

The rescued villager’s name is Zhou Dakui, 52. He told the Jimu news reporter that at that time, he rode out to buy noodles. There was a small bridge where the incident occurred. The flood was too small, and the bridge hole was too small, so the water overflowed on the road. He was accidentally washed down by the flood. At that time, he wanted to keep the motorcycle from being washed away. It was difficult to get up, so he called the people around him for help. Li Jianjun was the first to come and pull him up.

“If you were washed into the ditch, you would be dead. I really thank Li Jianjun.” Zhou Changkui said that after being rescued, he went back to the street and bought noodles again.

The hospital was flooded twice a month

The flood that toppled Zhou Changkui also impacted the villager Wang Xiaofang’s house. Her family opened a distillery, and the first floor was stored with wine. The swift current rushed into the first floor, washed the wine table down and broke it, and the Baijiu liquor was put into running water.

At noon on the 9th, under the scorching sun, Wang Xiaofang had cleaned up her home. The water in her home was not deep and there was not much mud.

“Loss of tens of thousands of yuan.” Wang Xiaofang said that because the house was built on the Bank of the river and the foundation was not deep, she was worried that the house would fall down, so she took her family to the old house high to escape. Fortunately, the family is all right and the house is all right.

The merchants on the street are operating normally. Due to the terrain, the flood soon entered the Qujiang River next to the town. It is hard to imagine that the rainstorm poured here a day ago and the flood was raging.

In the town, only a few places are still flooded at this time, and hanque hospital is one of them. Because of drainage problems, the first and second floors of the hospital are still immersed in water.