Yangzhou chess and card room caused the epidemic is not accidental

On the morning of August 9, according to the health commission of Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, up to now, there have been 346 local confirmed cases (72 light cases, 245 ordinary cases, 23 heavy cases and 6 dangerous cases) in Yangzhou City, and 0 local asymptomatic infection.

The source of the epidemic in Yangzhou points to Mao mouning, the “No. 1 confirmed case” who came to Yangzhou from Nanjing. After Mao mouning arrived in Yangzhou, he frequently went in and out of the chess and card room, which led to the spread of the epidemic.

“Those who go to the chess and card room are mainly retirees over the age of 60. There are many marketing activities in the chess and card room in Yangzhou. The elderly can accumulate points and coupons when playing cards. If they accumulate more, they can exchange eggs, pickled mustard and other food. ” Mr. Gu (pseudonym), a citizen near the epidemic community in Yangzhou, told the health times that some elderly people do not have smart phones, and there is no strict health code inspection in the chess and card room.

According to the incomplete statistics of the health times, among the local confirmed cases reported in Yangzhou, more than 100 cases have been to the chess and card room.

It is worth noting that the health Times reporter inquired the official website of Yangzhou Municipal People’s government and found that the chess and card rooms of laidongyuan and qiunanyuan communities highly related to the current round of epidemic in Yangzhou are in Yangzhou home care demonstration community.

Residents lined up for nucleic acid testing. Picture provided by the interviewee

More than 300 residents complained to Yangzhou municipal government,

Chess and card room still open

“Yangzhou is originally a pension city. It is common for the elderly to play mahjong.” Xiao Xu (a pseudonym), a citizen of Yangzhou, told the health times that most of the chess and card rooms involved were “big venues” of Yangzhou chess and cards, and the epidemic spread quickly.

Many Yangzhou citizens reported to the health times that they did not see a business license hanging out in some chess and card rooms, and no hygiene license was found in chess and card rooms providing meals and drinks.

Xiao Chen (a pseudonym), a student of Yangzhou University, told the health times: “there are many chess and card rooms and mahjong halls in Yangzhou, and there are more around the city center. The Hongyuan chess and card room where the accident happened this time is very large, which can accommodate up to hundreds of tables. Mahjong tables are on the negative floor, and the ventilation is not good. There are also many small chess and card rooms and mahjong halls around the school, which are usually in the community or at the door. ”

“Not only the elderly play mahjong, but also young people go to the chess and card room. But because young people have to work and study during the day, there are mainly silver haired old people in the chess and card room. ” Xiao Chen said that his four classmates played mahjong in a chess and card room near Yangzhou University on July 26. At present, they have been isolated.