What are the characteristics of this round of epidemic

On the afternoon of August 9, Zhang Guojun, leader of Henan Xinguan medical treatment expert group, received an exclusive interview with surging news at gangang Hospital of Zhengzhou first people’s hospital.

Zhang Guojun said that novel coronavirus pneumonia in Henan is controlled by four measures: multidisciplinary consultation, one person one plan, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine and psychological counseling.

“Our goal is zero death.” Zhang Guojun said that these two weeks are a key period for dealing with the epidemic situation and patient treatment. If no abnormality is found after the third round of full nucleic acid testing in Zhengzhou, it may be tested for another round or no more than two rounds at most. Of course, if there are problems all the time, multiple rounds of testing must be carried out.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was issued in August 8th evening. In August 5th, according to the deployment of the Zhengzhou epidemic prevention command headquarters and the expert recommendation of the joint defense joint control working group of the State Council, the port hospital of the first people’s Hospital of Zhengzhou was rebuilt into a new crown pneumonia designated hospital. In August 6th, the hospital was rebuilt and completed, and the patient was admitted to Zhengzhou. According to the requirements of “four centralization”, Zhengzhou transferred all the newly diagnosed patients in the city, the infected persons originally treated in Zhengzhou qiboshan hospital and the overseas imported patients treated in Henan Provincial People’s hospital to the hospital for centralized treatment. At present, the hospital area is taken over by the medical team of zhengdayi affiliated hospital. The hospital can open up to 664 beds, and 203 patients have been treated as of the evening of August 8.

Zhang Guojun was interviewed by surging news and other media

“The characteristics of patients in this round of epidemic are that patients are particularly involved in many complications.”

Surging news: at present, what are the treatment methods for patients? How’s it going?

Zhang Guojun: we strictly follow the requirements of the eighth edition of the national guidelines. It is composed of national experts, provincial experts and ward front-line directors. Multidisciplinary consultation, one person, one policy, integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and psychological counseling are the four measures we are using for patients. Why multidisciplinary consultation? The characteristics of this round of epidemic patients are that the patients have a lot of complications. (editor’s note: the current source of the epidemic in Zhengzhou, the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou city is an infectious disease hospital, and a number of doctors and patients are infected), such as uremia, diabetes, tuberculosis, severe brain tuberculosis, schizophrenia and so on. Besides, there are pregnant women and children.

After four treatments, novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhengzhou is fully controlled. At present, among all patients, there are no critical type, and there are two to three severe types. Why two or three? Because the condition is changing every day, it is possible to observe the improvement of the patient’s condition today and change from severe type to ordinary type. If the condition worsens and the patient’s oxygen saturation decreases, it will change from ordinary type to severe type, so it changes dynamically. However, there is currently no critically ill patient. It shows that the overall situation is controllable. However, many patients have severe complications, which will affect the prognosis of patients.

Surging news: is there any difference between the treatment of new crown variant Delta and that before?

Zhang Guojun: there is no special difference. They are all one person and one policy. Although delta is coming fiercely this time, due to the accumulation of experience last year and the fact that we know, control and intervene early this time, the most important thing is that everyone has been vaccinated. The role of the vaccine has been shown, and we have been protected against severe and disease changes. This time, our experts are also discussing why we feel that the condition is controllable. We think it has a lot to do with vaccination.

Surging news: how effective is the application of traditional Chinese medicine?

Zhang Guojun: China’s biggest advantage is traditional Chinese medicine. All our patients were intervened in advance by traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors went to ward rounds with us and combined rounds of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine, according to the patient’s situation, adopts the strategy of one person and one soup and sends it to the patient, rather than taking a certain kind of patent medicine. It is an indisputable fact that traditional Chinese medicine plays a protective role in reducing the development of mild disease to severe disease and asymptomatic to diagnosis. In terms of Western medicine, our western medicine to improve immune function is still in use and is still effective.