Dialogue Quan hongchan’s father

Three days after 14-year-old Quan hongchan of Zhanjiang, Guangdong won the gold medal in the women’s 10m platform diving final of the Tokyo Olympic Games, on August 8, her father fulltext Mao was interviewed by Nanfang Metropolis Daily and N video reporters at the village committee of maihe village, Mazhang Town, Zhanjiang. In the full text Mao’s eyes, her daughter is gentle, obedient and simple, “telling the truth is very sincere”. Quan hongchan’s speech after the Olympic Games seemed frank and frank to others, but her thoughts and concerns seemed a little strange in her father’s eyes. In addition, the full text Mao said that the family did not take a penny for donations from enthusiastic enterprises and individuals.

The full text is luxuriant.

Nandu previously reported that Quan hongchan played well in the women’s single 10m platform final of the diving event of the Tokyo Olympic Games on August 5. She won full marks in the second, fourth and fifth jumps (a 9.5 score is not recorded), and finally won the gold medal.

Quan hongchan revealed in an interview with CCTV that after her mother’s illness attracted attention, it was reported that local enterprises donated a house, a shop and 200000 cash to her family. In this regard, fulltext Mao told Nandu reporter, “someone did take 200000 that afternoon and asked me to take a picture with him with flowers. I said it was OK to take photos. Take away the money first. I don’t want money. If you want to come, I’ll take your heart, your flowers and take a picture of you( It’s human nature for you to come so far. ”

As for real estate and shops, “I don’t know where his house is. I haven’t seen it, and I haven’t paid attention to them.”

Full text Mao stressed to Nandu reporters: “I also thank them for coming, but I really didn’t get anything. I didn’t get a point.”

Quan hongchan once mentioned that she likes to eat spicy strips and wants to open a canteen when she grows up. After she won the championship, snacks such as spicy strips sent by enthusiasts were still placed in the village committee. According to media reports, some of them had been distributed to the children in the village.

For Quan hongchan’s mother’s condition, full text Mao told Nandu reporters that after her wife had a car accident a few years ago, her health was good and bad. After the game, her family was very busy. Fortunately, she was not in great trouble.

For the recent influx of visitors, full text Mao shouted across the air: “they have a heart (just fine), so don’t bother anymore( To punch in) affects their (their) lives and our lives, doesn’t it? ” Fulltext Mao’s brother also told reporters in Nandu on the evening of August 7 that the live shouting at the door at 9 p.m. directly affects the work and rest of the elderly at home.

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