Hangzhou old lady was fooled

Mrs. Zhang, 77, said she had been cheated!

The old man found the hourly news reporter of Qianjiang Evening News and talked for a long time before the reporter understood what was going on.

Like many old people, the old lady spent a lot of money on health products. A few years ago, she began to buy health care products in a company called “silver century”, which has spent more than 100000.

“Not to mention how well the body is raised, it’s not much worse. It’s just for peace of mind.”

Last year, Mrs. Zhang stopped buying health care products. The original familiar health care salesman introduced her to another colleague, a guy from Guizhou.

The young man is very friendly. If he has nothing to do, he will go to the old lady’s house and have a chat.

Mrs. Zhang kept muttering in her heart at that time. Why did she catch up with the meal every time she came back. In this way, Mrs. Zhang knew that the young man’s family was in the countryside and his life was very hard. She was very good to the young man. Every time she caught up with dinner, she left the young man to eat at home.

Later, the young man introduced a product of the company – Black Pork“ He made a fuss about what was particularly good for meat, what was not clenbuterol, what was especially good for the elderly, and so on. ”

In fact, Mrs. Zhang’s hometown is Qiandao Lake. He buys pork locally every year. In fact, it’s enough to eat.

“It’s not easy for me to look at the young man. I softened my heart and spent 10000 yuan on black pork. He said he could pick up the goods in several times. That was in August and September last year. ”

Seeing that the old man is old, the young man is very considerate: “if you want to eat meat in the future, we’ll send it.”

After paying 10000 yuan, the young man also sent two cabbages home. She said it was inconvenient to buy vegetables during the epidemic. Mrs. Zhang always remembered the good of the young man.

It took a long time to remember that there was also the matter of buying meat. Old lady Zhang asked the young man for meat. For the first time, the pork was delivered to the door, about a kilo“ It’s all lean meat. ” The old lady was a little unhappy. She was old and had bad teeth. It was all lean meat. It was difficult to bite. She sliced the meat, fried it, and it passed.

She told the young man: bring some fat meat next time. The second return meat came to the end of December. This time, the old lady was even more angry, “it’s all fat meat. I can’t eat it at all!” More importantly, the old lady felt that the variety of meat was not right, “what I said was a black pig, but I didn’t see a black hair!”

The old lady backed out and wanted to return the deal. As a result, from last year to this year, Leng didn’t return it.

During this period, the old lady also received a package. That’s the first recycling express for the elderly who can’t buy online. When you open it, it’s pickles. It’s from the young man. “It’s his intention. He said it was pickled by his mother. Let me try it.”

The old man was bewildered.

“But I’m determined not to want the black pork. I want them to return the money to me. The family all complained that I was confused and spent so much money to buy. ” The old lady was wronged.

Today (August 8), the young man rushed to Mrs. Zhang’s house and the two sides talked again.

The reporter also contacted the young man today. His last name is Ao, from Guizhou. He has worked in the company for more than a year. The old lady is his first customer.

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