Yangzhou: some communities remain indoors and become empty talk

According to the official account of WeChat public, “Qingfeng Yangzhou”, 9 days ago, the supervision and inspection team of Yangzhou’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters continued to increase supervision and inspection of key sites (points) in urban area, such as the control of communities (natural villages), nucleic acid detection points, shopping malls (supermarkets) and enterprises, and found a number of problems in implementing epidemic prevention and control measures. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

1. Code scanning temperature measurement measures are not implemented in place

The main performance is that the code scanning temperature measurement staff are not on duty in real time, ineffective performance of duties, etc.

In Jiafeng garden, Jinxiu Garden, crape myrtle garden, West Lake Dongyuan, niansi new village, moon garden and other communities, the staff were negligent in their duties and less checked the health code of the people in and out.

In Yangzi Tianjin farmers’ market, the staff only checked the travel code at the import, did not check the sukang code, and the thermometer was not sensitive; The temperature detector of Hongda supermarket in huaisi town was not on duty in real time.

The gate posts of enterprises such as Yangzhou Kangyuan Dairy Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Qianzhao photoelectric Co., Ltd., wutingqiao cylinder liner Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Guoxin Yangzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. did not strictly implement the requirements of checking “two yards” and measuring body temperature for the incoming and outgoing personnel.

2. The implementation of “one meter line” requirements is not in place

The registration office of nucleic acid detection point in Shiqiao party masses Service Center was set up unreasonably, the management of peripheral teams was not in place, and the queuing distance was close, resulting in crowd gathering. There were few volunteers at the nucleic acid detection point of Sansheng square, the implementation of the “one meter line” in the waiting area was not strict, and the people lined up for a long time. A person with a yellow code of sukang code lined up in the queue and was found at the inspection point in the middle of the queue.

The dining room in yangzijin campus of Yangzhou University has dense dining tables and too small seat spacing. Students are crowded in front of and behind the line. The “one meter line” provision is in vain, and they eat together and chat with each other without any sense of prevention. There are more than 1000 people at the peak of dining, so there is a great risk of epidemic spread.

The employees of Rongsheng refrigerator Co., Ltd. still eat in the hall, with dense tables and small seat spacing, so there are certain risks.

3. The requirements for wearing masks are not implemented in place

Some residents in Dongyuan community of West Lake did not wear masks to get vegetables at the door of the community; Several property management personnel gathered in the reception room to eat watermelon; At the north gate of Rhine Nanyuan and the sealing control office at the west end of Caiyi street, a large number of takeout express riders handed over goods to residents, and some residents pulled down their masks to talk.

Yijiaren supermarket (South Gate store of Cuigang community) has the problem that some staff and customers wear masks irregularly; At the entrance of Datong lane, Dongguan Street, some supermarkets and canteens did not wear masks; Many people in Lianyi farmers’ market do not wear masks, and no one urges and reminds them.

Guolian garment factory Co., Ltd. does not strictly implement epidemic prevention regulations, and there is a problem that employees do not wear masks in the factory.

4. Closed management requirements are not implemented in place

The building in DACAO lane, Dongguan Street lacks effective measures to prevent residents from going downstairs. Only small movable barriers and warning lines are used for isolation. Residents can move across the barriers in the community at will, and even negotiate with the control personnel at the main entrance of the community.

Residents in Guangfu Garden community, Wantou town go downstairs at will and walk freely. Some residents even go shopping without permission, and staying at home becomes empty talk.

The above problems reflect some prominent problems and weak links in the current epidemic prevention and control work in our city. Among them, there are not only the problems that the community property companies and market subjects have weak awareness of prevention and control and do not strictly implement the prevention and control measures, but also the problems that the territorial responsibilities of relevant regions and the regulatory responsibilities of relevant functional departments are not implemented in place. We hope that all regions, functional departments and relevant responsible subjects will strictly implement their responsibilities, strengthen supervision and rectification, and promote the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures. The supervision and inspection team of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters will continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, urge all regions and functional departments to implement the “four early morning” requirements and “four responsibilities”, comprehensively sort out weak links and loopholes, and eliminate potential risks in time.

Relevant departments will be urged to expose, investigate and deal with the problems such as the failure of social subjects to perform the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, the failure of personnel to check codes, measure temperature, wear masks, and the lax implementation of the “one meter line” requirements. Departments, units and Party members and cadres who are perfunctory, prevaricate, irresponsible and inaction in epidemic prevention and control, and have formalistic and bureaucratic problems will be strictly investigated and held accountable in accordance with regulations and disciplines and in accordance with the law.