Random price increases during the strike hard epidemic in many places

Zhongxin Jingwei client, August 5 (Dong Xiangyi) recently, the local aggregation epidemic caused by overseas input has spread to more than 10 provinces. The epidemic situation has turned severe. The prices of epidemic prevention supplies, grain, oil, meat and vegetables have become the concern of the people. Many places have proposed to ensure the supply of important people’s livelihood materials. Random price increases are strictly prohibited and illegal acts are strictly investigated!

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Since July 20, the aggregated epidemic at Lukou Airport in Nanjing has spread to many provinces and cities across the country. As of August 3, 223 local confirmed cases have been reported in Nanjing; A total of 126 local confirmed cases have been reported in Yangzhou.

On July 21, Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued an urgent notice requiring the market price inspection of epidemic prevention supplies and livelihood commodities, focusing on the price inspection of epidemic prevention supplies and livelihood commodities in pharmacies, supermarkets and farmers’ markets, paying close attention to the prices of epidemic prevention supplies such as masks and disinfectants and livelihood commodities such as meat, poultry, eggs and milk, and resolutely cracking down on driving up prices Price fraud and other price violations.

Recently, in response to netizens’ reports that individual vegetable markets have disorderly price increases, Huang Mingchun, deputy director of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of market supervision, said that he has resolutely cracked down on illegal acts such as driving up prices and price fraud by taking advantage of the epidemic situation. Law enforcement inspection has been started, found and dealt with together to ensure the stable operation of Nanjing market price order.

Source: Jiangsu market supervision wechat


Yangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau urgently issued a notice to quickly and severely crack down on price violations such as driving up prices, hoarding, colluding in price increases, fabricating and disseminating price increase information, and not clearly marking prices.

Since July 28, Yangzhou market supervision department has inspected 3041 supermarkets, farmers’ markets and pharmacies, issued more than 3300 price self-discipline open letters, issued 3 administrative warnings, handled 256 price complaints, reports and consultations, and ordered the rectification of price violations found in the inspection and patrol on the spot.

On August 4, Yangzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau issued a proposal, requiring the majority of operators to actively organize the supply of goods and make every effort to ensure the supply of daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, vegetables, eggs and milk and epidemic prevention materials. The independent pricing power should be exercised legally and reasonably, and the price should be clearly marked and the operation should be conducted in good faith. Do not fabricate or spread price increase information, do not hoard goods with tight market supply, and do not use other means to bid up prices.


The first case in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province is related to the epidemic situation in Lukou Airport, Nanjing, forming a secondary transmission focus.

According to red net, Zhangjiajie Municipal market supervision and Administration issued a circular prohibiting fabricating and disseminating price increase information, colluding with each other and manipulating market prices, hoarding, fabricating purchase costs or using other means to drive up prices, promoting the rapid and excessive rise of daily necessities and drugs, and disturbing the market price order.