Zhangjiajie tourism practitioners under the epidemic situation

In the just concluded July, COVID-19’s comeback, Zhangjiajie has just welcomed the revival of the tourism industry, again was suddenly stepped on the “brakes”.

Delta virus is coming. On July 26, three asymptomatic local infected people were detected in Dalian, Liaoning Province when investigating the relevant population in Nanjing.

According to the flow survey, the three people flew from Dalian to Zhangjiajie on July 17. On the way to Zhangjiajie, they changed planes at Nanjing Lukou Airport and stayed for about 2 hours. On July 22, the three people watched the performance of “charming Xiangxi” theater in Zhangjiajie.

Over the next few days, cases associated with Zhangjiajie occurred one after another in Chongqing, Jiangsu and Beijing. For a time, Zhangjiajie became the “eye of the storm” of the epidemic.

Under the impact of the epidemic, the scenic spot was declared closed, and all residential areas implemented closed management. Zhangjiajie tourism had to be “shut down”.

This old tourist city once accounted for 70% of the tourism revenue. One of every three Zhangjiajie people is engaged in the tourism industry.

Summer vacation is the peak tourism season in Zhangjiajie. 80% of the annual income of tour guides comes from this. Under the impact of the epidemic, countless tourism practitioners have to persuade tourists to stop business at home.

Xiao Yujiao, a tour guide who has worked for many years, told the Wuhan morning post that when the scenic spot was closed, her company lost more than 100000 refunds a day, and almost all her family were engaged in tourism related industries. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the whole family was almost unemployed.

Xiao Tang, who is responsible for the network business in a travel agency, is worried. Closing down at home means that he can only get the basic salary. He calculated an account with the reporter, “more than 3000 housing loans, more than 2000 car loans, and 1500 basic salary can’t be covered at all.”