With a certain elite special forces

China has many famous two-bomb and one-star heroes.

Like Cheng Kaijia, like Yu Min, like Deng Jiaxian.

Iran, nuclear physicist, national honor

But all of them, at the age of retirement, were publicly honoured for the first time.

It is the life of every top Nuclear scientist in China to remain anonymous, without even knowing where his relatives are.

The official explanation was one sentence, to keep it secret.

For a long time, I had no idea what kind of secrecy required such a huge personal sacrifice. The loyalty of these nuclear scientists was not in question.

To this day, the tragic death of Iran’s chief nuclear scientist, Fahrizad, made me fully understand why Chinese nuclear scientists had to remain anonymous in the first place.

Also let me thoroughly understand, what is the competition between countries.

On November 27, 2020, Fahrizad, Iran’s top nuclear scientist and known as the “father of nuclear weapons”, accompanied by military bodyguards, was in a special security vehicle of Iran’s Ministry of Defense when he was targeted in a targeted ambush in a suburb near the capital Tehran.

A black Nissan pickup truck loaded with wood, which was actually disguised explosives, ran into Mr. Fahrizad’s vehicle.

The driver of the pickup truck, after crashing into his vehicle successfully, executed a suicide operation, immediately detonating a large amount of explosives.

The Iranian Defence Ministry vehicle specially built for Fahrizad was forced to stop and badly damaged.

Five gunmen in another vehicle then battled military bodyguards and sprayed Farkrizad’s vehicle with machine guns.

The assassination of Iran’s chief nuclear scientist near the Iranian capital is an apparently never-ending plot to kill anyone who tries.

Although the assassins carried out the suicide attack, they succeeded in carrying out the battle plan.

Fahrizad was so badly injured that he lost consciousness.

The Iranian military immediately sent a helicopter to take Fahrizad to a hospital, but was unable to recover.

Ordinary terrorists would not have been able to kill Fahrizad,Iran, nuclear physicist, national honor, under the watchful eye of Iranian military security guards.

And it must be another country that makes a group of elite special forces willing to commit suicide attacks.

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  • Is the international society really turbulent? I feel that I can often see the news of the war

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