The Olympic Games is coming to an end, and the United States is weak

In order to “win” China, the American media don’t want to face.

Two days before the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic Corps has played the march of the volunteers 34 times in Tokyo. Now China has won 34 gold, 24 silver and 16 copper, followed by 29 gold, 35 silver and 27 copper in the United States. Watching China continue to take the lead in the gold medal list, it is more and more difficult for the United States to overturn, and the American media began to be uneasy.

The Washington Post took the lead in throwing out the fallacy that “Olympic medals no longer represent a country’s cultural strength”. Even so, while belittling the “insignificant” of China’s Olympic medals, on the other hand, it set up a new ranking system, openly changed the medal list, and grandly put the United States at the top of the medal list.

American media, including the New York Times, the Washington Post and NBC, have adopted another ranking system, ranking according to the total number of medals, and forcibly put the United States at the top of the medal list. ABC is also unique in ranking gold, silver and bronze medals respectively, which makes the United States lead China 2:1 and steadily suppress China.

However, whether on the official website of the IOC or most media reports around the world, the priority of the number of medals in the medal list is the mode of ranking based on the number of gold medals. However, the “small action” of the United States is different. In fact, it is already an expression of self-confidence.

In the Rio Olympic Games five years ago, American athletes were very strong. The United States took the first place in 121 medals, including 46 gold medals. China was in trouble. There were only 70 medals, including 26 gold medals, setting a new low in the number of gold medals of the Chinese Olympic corps after the millennium. Compared with the 51 gold medals of the 2008 Beijing local Olympic Games, it was basically halved. At this time, the American media began to frantically criticize the problems of China’s sports system, China’s backwardness and so on. The reason why the United States can dominate the Olympic medal list is the best embodiment of the universal value of the United States.

Five years later in Tokyo, the situation reversed《 The Washington Post immediately put forward a new theory, saying that for a long time, the relationship between the number of Olympic medals as the embodiment of a country’s value is not so close. Even came up with a set of crazy words that athletes’ performance is inconsistent with the goals of national politicians, which can better publicize the country’s overall good image to the world.