There are 1800 resident site personnel involved in epidemic diseases in Wuhan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was also associated with 18 construction sites in Wuhan three Zhuankou building in August 5th at 0~24 hours. Up to now, the “site infection chain” in Wuhan has increased to 39 people.

On the morning of June 6, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Hubei Province held a press conference. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by Li Yang, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention. At 0~24 hours in August 5, 2021, 6 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia were newly diagnosed in the province (3 cases in Wuhan and 3 cases in Jingmen), which have been transferred to designated medical institutions for treatment. There were 12 new asymptomatic infections in the province (all from Wuhan).

Since the first imported case was found in Hubei Province on July 31, as of 24:00 on August 5, the province has reported 22 confirmed cases (including 16 cases of light type, 6 cases of ordinary type, no severe and dangerous type), 23 cases of asymptomatic infection and 45 cases of infection. From the regional distribution of infected persons, there were 35 cases in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, 4 cases in Hong’an County, Huanggang City, 4 cases in Duodao District, Jingmen City and 2 cases in Shashi District, Jingzhou City.

Li Yang pointed out that a major feature of this round of epidemic situation is the emergence of local aggregation epidemic situation. The construction site of Wuhan Zhuankou project of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau is the source of this round of imported epidemic in Wuhan.

The construction site of Wuhan Zhuankou project of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau refers to the construction site of the remaining works 1#, 2# plots of the comprehensive reconstruction project of Zhuankou six villages. The project is located in wanjiahu Road, Wuhan Economic Development Zone, covering an area of about 270 Mu and a construction area of about 800000 square meters. The project site has 22 dormitory buildings, a total of 440, and more than 1800 permanent construction personnel. The first-episode patient Tang lived in room 7-204, and 4 people lived in the same room with him (all tested positive).

“After the first case of infection occurred on the project site, local aggregation infection was formed due to the dense population, centralized accommodation and poor ventilation.” Li Yang said that the new cases in Wuhan on the 5th had a time-space intersection with the construction site of Wuhan Zhuankou project of China Construction Third Bureau.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in 4 new cases of diagnostic pneumonia in Jingmen high tech Zone and duo district. 3 cases were identified as the same source of transmission. All three of the three projects in Wuhan, Zhuankou, and workers in the project site were found in the key areas.

Three confirmed cases in Jingmen returned to Jingmen by bus on July 30. At present, after consultation with municipal experts, they are all light and are now treated in designated hospitals.

In addition, Wuhan epidemic site infection chain also spread to Chongqing. A novel coronavirus pneumonia infection was also reported on 1 pm in Fengjie County, Chongqing on the afternoon of August 4th, which was strongly related to the above sites in Wuhan Zhuankou.

In order to prevent further spillover and spread of the site infection chain, Wuhan is urgently searching the whole society for relevant personnel who have intersected with the construction site of Wuhan Zhuankou project of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. At present, the in-depth investigation on the intersection between the activity track and the epidemic site is still ongoing.

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Visit by sealing control reporters in some communities in Wuhan: there are 2 gate posts, and the personnel can only enter and leave

In view of the current epidemic situation, Wuhan quickly sealed and controlled the relevant areas involved in the case. Since August 2, Zhuankou Street of Wuhan Economic Development Zone has been designated as a medium risk area. Closed management shall be implemented in medium risk areas. As of August 3, many communities in Wuhan had implemented sealing management (the final figure is subject to the latest official release). On August 4, Jimu journalists visited closed communities such as Wuhan Economic Development Zone, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Dongxihu District and Hongshan District to directly attack the living security of residents.