Japan’s defense ministry launched propaganda in Chinese for the first time

A few days ago, it was the first time to publish a tweet in simplified Chinese about the “meeting of defense ministers of Japan and Britain”, which attracted extensive attention from the outside world. On the 4th, in an exclusive reply to the inquiry of the global times, the Ministry of Defense said that the move was to make the publicity activities more “easy to understand”. In this regard, some Chinese scholars believe that the possibility of provocative demonstrations against China cannot be ruled out.

British Defense Secretary Wallace visited Japan in late July and held a meeting with Japanese defense minister Nobuo kishio. A week after his departure, the Japanese defense ministry released a video of the meeting between the defense ministers of Japan and Britain on its official twitter account (@ Defense Ministry · self defense force) on July 27, with Chinese subtitles and tweets in Chinese, saying: “from July 19 to 20, British Defense Secretary Wallace visited Japan. In September, the British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” will call at Chinese ports. Japan and Britain confirm that Japan UK defense cooperation with a long history and tradition has entered a “new stage”. Please have a look at the video summary of the British Defense Secretary’s visit to Japan. ”

It is worth noting that this is the first time that the Ministry of defense has published Chinese twitter on its official twitter account.

Public information shows that the “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier battle group mentioned in the two tweets is led by the most powerful surface ship “Queen Elizabeth” in the history of the Royal Navy, which is composed of 9 ships, 32 aircraft and 3700 personnel. These ships set sail from Britain at the end of May, starting a global journey with a total voyage of 26000 nautical miles, and will visit 40 countries such as India, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

It is reported that the “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier battle group entered the Indo Pacific region in July and is expected to arrive in Japan in September and return to Britain in December.

The official account of the integrated staff supervision department under Japan’s defense ministry also tweeted in Chinese on July 15: “Britain mentioned ’tilt to the Indo Pacific region’ in its strategic policy released this year, and its aircraft carrier strike group (i.e. aircraft carrier battle group) is heading for the Indian Pacific region. The SDF sincerely welcomes this dispatch and takes advantage of various opportunities to actively carry out training, defense cooperation and exchanges! Please watch the training held in early July. ”

It is unusual to use Chinese tweets twice a month, which Japanese media describe as “operation of mystery”. In an interview with the global times on the 4th, Japan’s defense ministry did not give a clear reply to “why Chinese is used”, but said that “the defense ministry and the self defense force actively carry out various easy to understand publicity activities in various ways every day, believing that (Readers) are not only Japanese nationals, but also very important to win the trust and cooperation of the international community”.

The defense ministry also said that further “making use of increasingly diversified social networks” is particularly important to improve the ability of information dissemination, including transmitting information in foreign languages. It is out of this consideration that the official account of the Ministry of defense recently released the visit of British Defense Secretary Wallace to Japan in English and Chinese in addition to Japanese.