Wang Hong Professor Dai Jianye

After a few glasses of red wine, Dai Jianye felt a little tired. During the dinner, Zhang Sanxi, a retired professor at the Chinese Normal University, mentioned that Dai Jianye would recite Russell’s famous articles in English. Dai Jianye was in high spirits. “At that time, they didn’t believe it, so I recited it to them.”

That’s a paragraph in the preface of Russell’s autobiography, why do I live.

His Hubei Macheng accent english is not standard, but his tone is as passionate as usual.

In the market, Dai Jianye is known as “Professor wanghong”. As a professor, doctoral advisor and discipline leader of ancient literature in the school of literature of central China Normal University, in the eyes of his fans, he is good at telling students seemingly obscure ancient literary knowledge in easy to understand words, and integrating the original “remote” ancient characters and ancient literature, Become more “grounded”.

After becoming popular, Dai Jianye was questioned because he was too “active”. Some people questioned that he frequently went to “fish for gold” in order to make money. Since last year, an article entitled “Dai Jianye, Professor of China Normal University: my wife has a box of medicine in case of five, you talk to me about literati character?” The article pushed the controversy to a climax.

In the face of reality and online doubts, Dai Jianye rarely responded in public.

Life has passed, Dai Jianye said that he most wants to be a person close to the truth, even if the truth is rough.

On July 5, a reporter from the Beijing News interviewed Dai Jianye. Talking about his interest, Dai Jianye took out books from the bookshelf and shared them with reporters. Photographed by Beijing News reporter Li Zhao

The dispute between intellectuals’ earning money and literati’s character

In May this year, after retiring from the school of Arts of China Normal University, Dai Jianye plunged into a simple life. The two rooms facing north constitute his main activity radius. When he woke up in the morning, he began to read and write in his study. At midnight, he walked into the next room, turned on the fill light and began to record videos.

Dai Jianye in the camera has short white hair and a smile in the wrinkles on his face. He embraces his hands and slightly spreads his legs. This is his signature posture. He speaks Macheng Mandarin. From time to time, he jumps out the mantra “my God” and “do you understand”. When it comes to excitement, his arms are waved vigorously.

Time became chaotic in this dimly lit house. At noon, he forgot his meal. He waited until his stomach rumbled in protest before going to the kitchen to cook the next handful of noodles, vegetables and meat. Then he brought the pot to the study and continued to work while eating. The neighbor upstairs knew him well and was worried that he could not take care of himself alone. Occasionally, he would send meals to help him improve his food.

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