In Wang Chunyu’s tears

On the evening of August 3, at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Wang Zheng and Wang Chunyu, two Chinese women athletes, achieved eye-catching results in their respective events – the former refreshed their personal best with the last shot in the women’s hammer final, took the silver medal and tied the best record in the history of Chinese women’s hammer.

The latter ran 1 minute and 57 seconds in the women’s 800 meter final, which also set a new personal best result. Although it ranked fifth, it created the best track and field in the history of China in this event.

SA Shuang, Wang Chunyu.

Compared with Wang Zheng’s silver medal in traditional advantageous events, Wang Chunyu’s fifth place in the sprint is not inferior to a medal.

More importantly, in the past 10 months, the 26 year old girl has finally proved that her efforts and persistence have paid off with the help of foreign teachers.

On the night of refreshing personal records and rewriting China’s track and field history, Wang Chunyu cried. Her tears were mixed with the surprise of breaking through herself, the joy of writing history, and the regret and unwillingness of missing medals.

Wang Chunyu was somewhat unwilling after the game.

“I’ve got all my awards ready.”

From the stadium to the mixed interview area, Wang Chunyu, who usually likes to laugh, came almost crying. Before the reporters waiting in the interview area could ask questions, the tears and sweat on Wang Chunyu’s face were intertwined.

“I’m sorry I didn’t stand on the podium.” Wang Chunyu choked and told reporters that he was happy to run out of his personal best score of 1 minute and 57 seconds, “but the regret of missing a medal should be greater.”

Interestingly, just after the semi-finals a day ago, Wang Chunyu laughed and joked with reporters, “in the next game, if I don’t run down at all, I will also be eighth, but I don’t think I can be eighth, so I want to fight for a better place.”

In fact, Wang Chunyu’s “better ranking” is actually the top three in the women’s 800 meter final.

“Today, in my heart, I still want to impact the medal. In fact, I have prepared my award winning clothes.”

Wang Chunyu set a new personal best in the final.

Looking back on the “milestone” competition for China’s track and field sprint, Wang Chunyu did use different tactics from the first two games from the beginning, closely following the three players of the first group. After the first 400 meters, Wang Chunyu spent less than 58 seconds, which is her best result in the previous competition.

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