Analysis of 90 million divorce of female entrepreneurs

Nearly a decade later, the divorce case between the sacked female entrepreneur Xu Shuqing and her ex husband Zhang Songcheng will be retried on August 17.

Xu Shuqing, formerly the chairman of the listed company Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongheng group), was sentenced to 17 years’ imprisonment for job occupation, misappropriation of funds and unit bribery. At present, he is serving his sentence in Hunan Women’s prison.

Xu Shuqing’s divorce case involved the ownership of 90% of the equity of the affiliated company of Zhongheng group, involving an amount of 90 million yuan. Previously, the two-level courts in Wuzhou, Guangxi found that all 90% of the equity belonged to Xu Shuqing. Zhang Songcheng refused and complained all the time. With the case of Xu Shuqing in August 2015, the divorce settlement case took a turn for the better. In April 2018, Wuzhou Wanxiu court held that the judgment of the divorce settlement case nearly ten years ago was “indeed wrong” and decided to retry it.

Zhang Songcheng, who is waiting for the retrial hearing, except for the marks, this article is the surging journalist Tan juntu

According to several judgment documents obtained exclusively by surging news (www.thepaper. CN), Jin Ming, then vice president of Wuzhou Wanxiu court, Jiang Xuezheng, President of the first people’s Court of Wuzhou intermediate people’s court, and Zhou Chunxing, President of the third people’s Court of Wuzhou intermediate people’s court, accepted bribes and “offered advice” in Xu Shuqing’s divorce and property analysis case. After the incident, the three were sentenced to probation to less than three years for bribery. At the time of the bribery case, the two presidents of the intermediate people’s court were already presidents or acting presidents of the grass-roots courts.

A $90 million divorce lawsuit

On July 23, a summons for the hearing of the post divorce property dispute case issued by Wanxiu court of Wuzhou, Guangxi was sent to Zhang Songcheng. According to the subpoena, the retrial will be held in Hunan Women’s prison on August 17.