The next stage of traceability investigation is driven by science

According to CNN’s report on the 30th, Michael Ryan, executive director of who’s health emergency planning department, said at the press conference that around the direction of the new crown traceability investigation in the next stage, who is having “very active” discussions with countries including China.

Who official: we assure our Chinese colleagues that the next stage of traceability investigation will be driven by science

CNN: who is actively discussing the next phase of the new crown traceability survey with China and other countries

“We are holding very active consultations with many member states to study what actions we need to take in the next stage, including our Chinese colleagues.” Ryan said that after the first phase of the investigation report was released, there are “a lot of research” to continue to move forward. “I know our Chinese colleagues are carrying out some of these projects.” Ryan expressed his hope that all countries, including all who Member States, would cooperate and support this process, and believed that such cooperation could be realized.

Ryan specifically warned against “politicized” investigations.

“We heard the same view from all countries that ‘don’t politicize science’, but then science was politicized.” Ryan stressed, “we want to assure our Chinese colleagues that this (investigation) process is still and will always be driven by science.” He added, “we adhered to this principle from the beginning and did not succumb to the pressure of either side( The director general) has always insisted on speaking and evidence, not favoring any party, and strive to achieve the goal we all want to achieve. ”

Who official: we assure our Chinese colleagues that the next stage of traceability investigation will be driven by science

Video screenshot of Michael Ryan, executive director of who health emergency planning department

In July 16th, who put forward its so-called COVID-19 traceability second stage plan, which included the hypothesis that China violated laboratory procedures to cause virus leakage, which is seriously inconsistent with the conclusion of the joint study report of the global virus traceability released by the organization in March. It also does not agree with the position of China and many countries on the issue of traceability. This plan that does not respect common sense has been explicitly rejected by China.

However, a few countries led by the United States still insist on hyping this topic in an attempt to put pressure on China. When meeting with who director general Tan Desai, the US Secretary of state reiterated the US support for who to conduct more traceability investigations in places including China.

In this regard, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 29th that China agrees that the traceability investigation should be based on evidence, led by experts and free from interference, but the United States does not do so; China has made positive contributions to global traceability with practical actions. China believes that the first phase of virus traceability has been carried out, especially those with clear conclusions, should not be repeated. The second phase of virus traceability should be carried out in many countries around the world on the basis of full and extensive consultations among Member States.

Zhao Lijian stressed that the United States, as the country with the most serious epidemic in the world, has many doubts about the virus leakage from the fort Detrick biological laboratory in the United States and the occurrence of aggregated unexplained pneumonia in Maryland in 2019. If the United States really wants to support the traceability investigation, it should respond to these calls, show an open and transparent attitude, and let who experts investigate in the United States.