Brag all the way

I thought there was a lot of noise, but I didn’t know it, but I kept a low profile.

The route is regular and the speed is also regular. After sailing for six days, the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth has just left the South China Sea.

But interestingly, on social media, the British aircraft carrier battle group is particularly lively, with all kinds of fancy Versailles along the way.

Just on twitter, after a look, the British aircraft carrier group has multiple accounts. The aircraft carrier itself has accounts, and other ships also have accounts, but the leader is the “commander of the British aircraft carrier strike group”.

His latest three tweets, one in Japanese, one in Korean and one in English.

Japanese and Korean have the same meaning: the British aircraft carrier group has arrived in the Western Pacific. We should strengthen the partnership with Japan (South Korea) and promote regional security and prosperity.

English is a little longer, which roughly means:

The aircraft carrier strike group has crossed the Luzon Strait. This is an important moment. After our deployment in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, we have now sailed 10000 miles to the Western Pacific.

Boast: we have traveled thousands of miles to the Western Pacific. This is an important moment.

What about the South China Sea a few days ago?

Although the action is very regular, it is a tradition to boast.

About six or seven tweets were sent, and two were sent in the South China Sea six days ago.

Article 1: today, for the first time in the history, the aircraft carrier strike group vertically replenished 25 tons of fresh food and necessities, including F-35B spare parts and 2 tons of mail, to several royal navy ships through the Royal Fleet supply ship.

Article 2: in fact, we achieved the feat of replenishment 8000 miles away from home, and took off the F-35B fighter in operation blue water. Everything is more eye-catching… But for the world-class logistics personnel under my command, it’s just another day’s work.

Next, a lot of pictures have been distributed, including helicopters transporting supplies and commanding helicopters to land.

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