China continues to lead the medal list at the Tokyo Olympic Games

As of the evening of the 2nd, the Chinese Olympic delegation continued to lead the medal list with 29 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronze at the Tokyo Olympic Games. More than half of the 17 day schedule of the Tokyo Olympic Games has passed. The Chinese team’s 29 gold medals have exceeded the total number of gold medals won in the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 (26), and the 32 gold medals won in the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. No one can deny that with the rise of China, China has made great progress in all aspects, including sports. However, some western media still wear colored glasses to discredit China with the old-fashioned “gold medal only theory” and “national system”. In fact, the Olympic stadium is not only a stage for athletes to challenge themselves, but also a window to show the country’s comprehensive strength. The outstanding achievements of the Chinese Olympic corps are more natural results.

China’s number of gold medals has surpassed that of the Rio Olympic Games

China won 5 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals on the 10th competition day of the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the end of the game that night, China, the United States, Japan and Australia ranked the top four in the medal list with 29 gold, 22 gold, 17 gold and 14 gold respectively.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, China failed to win the women’s doubles, but still won a valuable silver medal. Then, within less than an hour, Chinese athletes successively won four gold and one silver in weightlifting, men’s rings, three posture of 50m rifle, field bicycle and other events. That night, the Chinese team won 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.

Due to the brilliant performance of the Chinese team since the start of the game, Newsweek asked on the 1st: can the United States catch up with China in the gold medal chase? The article said that half of the schedule has passed, and China is still the first in the number of gold medals. China still has the opportunity to win two more gold medals in Table Tennis (men’s and women’s team finals) later this week. In the past two summer Olympics, the United States has won the most medals and gold medals.

“China still leads the Tokyo Olympic Games,” German sports television 1 said on the 2nd. Chinese player Su Bingtian unexpectedly entered the 100m finals with the first place in the semi-finals, which has surpassed whites. This is another symbol of the rise of Chinese sports. And the sources of Chinese gold medals have become more diversified. In any case, China is making greater achievements with its investment in competitive sports after its economic rise.

So far, the Chinese team has recorded gold medals in 13 events, including 4 gold, 1 silver and 6 copper for the shooting team, 7 gold and 1 silver for the weightlifting team, 4 gold and 1 silver for the diving team, 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 copper for the swimming team, 2 gold and 4 silver for the badminton team and 2 gold and 3 silver for the table tennis team. The United States won gold medals in eight events, including 11 in swimming alone.

Wang Dazhao, a well-known sports commentator, told the global times on the 2nd that China already has the world’s top strength in many sports. China’s sports habit of “playing low-key”, in fact, has high requirements for athletes and coaches. Due to the schedule of the Olympic Games, most of China’s advantageous events are in the first half, which also means that the gold rush points will be significantly reduced next, and there is the possibility of being caught up and exceeded.

Wang Dazhao believes that the Chinese Legion will play normally in the current Olympic Games. At the Rio Olympic Games, it was an accident that Chinese athletes made mistakes in many events. This time, in key events, Chinese athletes have lost and won, and played well as a whole. Previously, the Chinese women’s basketball team, which has entered the top eight, is the only one left of China’s three major goals. The journey after that is worth looking forward to. Whether Chinese athletes can continue to make breakthroughs in track and field events is also a big point.

Blame China, double standard old routine

The athletes were full of passion on the field, but there were a lot of noise outside the field. In the past two days, a smear report in the New York Times has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. The newspaper claimed that China used “sports machines” to make Olympic athletes with the goal of winning gold medals only. In addition, Reuters reported that when Chinese athletes won the championship, they were specially equipped with “ugly photos”.

This is no accident. Two days ago, Chinese players won women’s 4 × Covid-19, the US correspondent has asked at the press conference after the 200 meter freestyle relay champion. Since the new crown spread around the world, the United States has not stopped doping control. Do you take doping control? In this regard, Chinese athletes simply responded: “according to online statistics, Chinese athletes receive the most urine tests in the world!”

Some western media and scholars have also noticed this phenomenon. Tom Foday, a British scholar of international relations, commented that it is not surprising that the New York Times published such a bad article. It represents an inherent and broad trend in the American media: how negative the reports on China have become, the ability of slander and hysteria.

Germany’s “South Deutsche daily” said on the 2nd that China has developed very well in the field of sports. The Olympic Games have inspired China’s ambition, but the photos published by Reuters have aroused dissatisfaction. The pictures and news reports of CNN and NBC also make the Chinese think there is a suspicion of double standards and vilification. This has led to the unpopularity of foreign media in China.

No one denies that the Chinese people have special feelings for the Olympic Games because they were poor and weak. But China has already proved itself inside and outside the stadium. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said on the 2nd that the performance evaluation of local officials was based on the number of gold medals won by athletes in their region, but in 2015, Chinese officials called it “distorting the sportsmanship”. Chinese media and audiences are ready to get out of the gold rush. Netizens believe that it is not just medals that bring national pride“ Although excitement and pride still attract me, I don’t think we need gold medals to prove the national strength of a more confident China. ” One commentator said.