Su Bingtian breaks Asian record

Su Bingtian ran out of a new chapter in China’s sports history. In the semi-finals, he ranked first with a score of 9.83 seconds, breaking the Asian record and becoming the first athlete in China to break into the men’s 100m finals of the Olympic Games. In the finals, he ranked sixth with a score of 9.98 seconds, creating history!

The Chinese people are proud of this achievement, and Japanese netizens who have always praised Chinese players like gold have also praised it again and again. Early this morning, Japanese @ director Takeuchi Liang congratulated Su Bingtian on his microblog for such good results. At the same time, he said that “Japanese media and Japanese netizens were stunned by his achievements. Almost all the comment areas of the news praised him and his comments. I’m happy, too. ”

On Yahoo Japan, Japan’s largest portal, the hot review area was full of praise for Su Bingtian’s achievements. Some Japanese netizens said frankly that they really had goose bumps when watching the game, which not only broke through history, but also broke through the boundary of skin color, “it’s so exciting” and “so moving”. Before, they always thought they had a wall with blacks, “I took it for granted”;

For Su Bingtian personally, the competition also broke his own Asian record. So far, Su Bingtian has reached the 10 second mark eight times in the competition. Previously, his personal best score was 9.91 seconds, which he won in the men’s 100 meter race of the 2018 IAAF Diamond League in Paris.

That year, he said in response to the question of netizen “how difficult is it to improve the 100 meter dash by 0.1 seconds” in a forum, “that’s too difficult. 0.1 seconds is great. It’s a little difficult to increase it by 0.01 seconds. It took me three years from 9.99 to 9.91 (0.08 seconds)

Now, from 9.91 seconds to 9.83 seconds, it is 0.08 seconds, three years! Do what you say!

Some Japanese netizens lamented, “it’s really amazing to be able to refresh their achievements at the age of 31”, “this is the biggest news in Asian Track and field circles”;

Previously, Japan’s domestic sprint record was 9.95 seconds created by yamaxian Liangtai. After su Bingtian won this time, daily sports said that this meant that Asia had entered the “9.8 era”. Yamaxian Liangtai also said that she would try her best to catch up with Su Bingtian.

Japanese netizen: Su Bingtian is the target of Japanese players and a model of Asian players!

South Korean media Yonhap and East Asian sports also praised Su Bingtian’s achievements in the news, calling him “Asian bolt”.

According to the global times, at the scene, the Italian reporters around the reporter congratulated: “the Chinese players are incredible!”“ You set an Asian record, and our player (Lamont Marcel Jacobs) also set a European record. ” Agence France Presse also said that the results of 31 year old Chinese player Su Bingtian were “very amazing”.

Yesterday, Su Bingtian set a new Asian record with a personal best of 9.83 seconds in the men’s 100m semi-final of the Tokyo Olympic Games. He also became the first Chinese athlete to break into the men’s 100m final of the Olympic Games. In the final, he completed the first show of Chinese athletes in the Olympic 100m final with a score of 9.98 seconds, and won the sixth, creating history.

After hearing his achievements, Su Bingtian roared, and Chinese netizens were boiling with blood and saw tears collapse.

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