Zhu lilun announced his participation in the KMT chairman election

The KMT chairman election is scheduled for September 25. Just now, former KMT chairman Zhu lilun announced on Facebook that he would participate in the KMT chairman election.

news flash! Zhu lilun announced his participation in the KMT chairman election

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The KMT chairman election was restarted after the three-level alert of the epidemic was downgraded. The application for the party chairman candidate was handled on August 12 and 13, accepted and registered on August 16 and 17, and the voting day was scheduled for September 25. Among those who have announced their candidacy for KMT chairman are the current KMT chairman Jiang Qichen, the general principal of Sun Wen school Zhang Yazhong, the former “controller” Wei Botao and the former Changhua County Magistrate Zhuo Boyuan.

news flash! Zhu lilun announced his participation in the KMT chairman election

Zhu lilun was nominated by Ma Ying Jeou as the vice chairman of the Kuomintang in 2008 and the deputy head of Taiwan’s administrative organization the following year. In 2010, Zhu lilun ran for mayor of Xinbei city on behalf of the Kuomintang, defeating Cai Yingwen, the then candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party. At the end of 2014, Zhu lilun was re elected as mayor of Xinbei city. From January 2015 to January 2016, Zhu lilun served as chairman of the Kuomintang. Resigned due to the defeat in the 2016 election.

Ma Ying Jeou, former chairman of the Kuomintang, said on July 30 that if Zhu lilun’s public opinion is high, “come out and elect”. His expectation for the new chairman is to “do a good job in this party”. The Kuomintang needs to improve a lot, and those who come out for election should put forward specific improvement suggestions. Ma Ying Jeou said that he hoped that people with ability would come out, but he did not know who would come out, and he did not have the problem of supporting who.

For the upcoming election, Kuomintang “legislator” Wu Zhiyang said that the grass-roots sincerely look forward to the election of the new party chairman as soon as possible. The next local elections are very close. If the Kuomintang chairman is not determined as soon as possible, it will affect the nomination and personnel layout of counties and mayors.

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The latest poll of “beautiful island” electronic newspaper shows that Tsai ing Wen’s satisfaction has stepped out of the previous “death intersection”, and her satisfaction is slightly greater than her dissatisfaction, among which the support of young people is still strong. What is also surprising is that although the DPP has done very badly during this period, 60% of the respondents are even more dissatisfied with the KMT as an opposition party.

The latest poll conducted by you Yinglong’s “Taiwan public opinion foundation” shows that the support of the Democratic Progressive Party in July also rebounded from the previous 22% to 28%. This part of the Kuomintang has also grown to a certain extent. From less than 20% of its previous support, it has increased by more than three points to 21%. Ke Wenzhe, who was relatively popular in June, and the popular party led by him, fell seriously in July. As a “third force”, the popular party group is still like many “one person political parties” in the past. Only the party chairman is a political star in the whole party. If one person prospers, the whole Party prospers, and if one person declines, the whole Party declines.

The two polls may not necessarily reflect the actual public opinion in Taiwan, but because they have been doing it for a long time, they can indeed reflect the trend of public opinion. From the two latest polls, we can see that the DPP has stopped falling at present. However, the difference between the two polls is that one poll shows that the dissatisfaction of the Kuomintang remains high, while the other shows that the support of the Kuomintang has increased slightly, and the decline of the support of the popular party also shows that public opinion on the island shows a trend of returning to the blue-green basic market.

As for why the DPP stopped falling, on the one hand, it is because the epidemic on the island has eased down, and the vaccine has gradually arrived, which has relatively calmed the people’s discontent and anxiety. In addition, with the holding of the Olympic Games, people’s attention has shifted from epidemic situation to sports, which also gives the DPP room to hype cross-Strait issues. For those young people on the island who do not care about people’s livelihood, the so-called “Taiwan value” is more important than “whether there is rice in the rice jar” in Huang Shujun’s song.

In the political crisis triggered by this wave of epidemic, the DPP behaved so recklessly and did suffer heavy losses, but the DPP rebounded from the bottom, which was not dangerous. The KMT has hardly taken advantage of it, which is also worth thinking about. As the KMT chairman election day approaches, it is more important to observe whether the KMT has any more drama than to care about who the KMT chairman is?

The storm in the Kuomintang teapot is about to come out

Because of the epidemic, the KMT’s “Central Standing Committee” discussed extending the voting date of the party chairman to September. The delay led to a period of empty window for the party chairman, involving the question of whether Jiang Qichen would be extended, which triggered the dissatisfaction of former Democratic Representative Shen Zhizhi. She shelled that Jiang Qichen should not extend his term of office and suggested that Jiang genhuang, the speaker of Xinbei city and a member of the Central Standing Committee, should act as the party chairman during this empty window period. Shen’s shelling seems to have the consideration of abiding by the regulations, but at this time, the change of generals makes the Kuomintang empty for more than a month and wait for election day. What the outside world sees is still the Kuomintang’s internal struggle out of nothing, especially the big things are confused and the small things are more serious.