What are the diseases of American soldiers participating in the Wuhan military games

On the afternoon of July 30, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference. A reporter asked: for some time, individual politicians on the U.S. side have been using the issue of traceability to engage in political manipulation and forcibly promote the traceability of the virus against China, but they have avoided talking about the early cases of the United States and the many doubts in the biological laboratory. What is China’s comment on this?

In this regard, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that in order to transfer its responsibility for its weak anti epidemic and achieve the political purpose of discrediting and suppressing other countries, the United States has vigorously politicized the epidemic, stigmatized the virus and made tracing the source a tool, regarded lying, discrediting and coercion as the standard, and has no respect for facts, science and justice. The ugly page of the United States will surely be recorded in the history of mankind’s fight against the epidemic.

Zhao Lijian pointed out that smearing other countries cannot whitewash themselves. If the United States is really “transparent and responsible”, please start with the following four things.

First, the United States should publish and test early case data. In July 2019, there was an unexplained respiratory disease in Virginia, a large-scale “e-cigarette disease” broke out in Wisconsin, and two nursing homes near Deburg had respiratory diseases with unexplained pneumonia. In September 2019, Maryland reported that the number of cases of “e-cigarette disease” doubled. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention admitted last year that some Americans who were wrongly thought to have died of influenza were tested positive for COVID-19 in their postmortem diagnosis. The United States should test the serum samples of these patients for nucleic acid and antibody. How many new cases are there in these cases?

Second, the United States should invite who experts to investigate more than 200 biological laboratories in Fort Detrick and the United States overseas. In particular, the Debao base is the base of us biological militarization activities, and the US Army Institute of infectious diseases medicine is the main entity. The international community and the American people have long been concerned about the illegality, opacity and insecurity of Debao related activities. The Institute has novel coronavirus pneumonia and has been shut down for a long time after the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2019. The United States has never explained these issues to the international community and the American people.

Third, the United States should invite who experts to investigate the University of North Carolina. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been a slander in the US, but the fact is that the United States is the largest sponsor and implementer of such research in the world. In particular, the Barrick team of the University of North Carolina is the authority of such research, and has long had extremely mature coronavirus synthesis and transformation capabilities. As long as we investigate the team and lab, we can clarify whether there will be any research on coronavirus and whether COVID-19 will be produced.

Fourth, the United States should publish the disease case data of American soldiers participating in the Wuhan military games. In October 2019, novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported by more than 300 people in the United States who were in Wuhan for the military games. What disease did the reported American military athletes get? Cases should be made public as soon as possible.

A virus that appears before a recognized point in time

According to the British mirror and the US Washington Post, a Italy researcher published a paper last November that blood samples from 959 people who had lung cancer screening were positive for 111 new crown virus antibodies. The earliest samples were collected in the first week of October 2019, indicating that they were infected at least in September 2019.

Subsequently, the World Health Organization intervened, and the samples were sent to laboratories in Italy and the Netherlands for re examination by different methods. The two laboratories re examined 29 original samples and control samples, and COVID-19 antibodies were observed in the original samples. Moreover, the samples of antibodies detected by both laboratories were collected as early as October 2019.

A lab researcher told the financial times that it could explain the surge in Italy in 2020 – because COVID-19 has been spreading quietly in some earlier form.

Medical waste in Fort Detrick

Where did the virus come from? The world news network reported that the source of communication can be traced back to the fort Detrick biological laboratory in the United States.

In April 2018, Fort Detrick closed the incinerator to save maintenance costs. Since then, the destruction of medical waste, including “biological weapons” level, has been entrusted to Curtis Bay medical waste service, a private treatment company in Baltimore, Maryland.

However, the company has a “notorious” record of violations and a history of unqualified management. In June 2019, the company’s plant in Virginia was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by the State Department of environmental quality for “repeated violations of state regulations”.

On the floor, there was untreated medical waste in a large amount of ponding, and the employees did not wear any protective equipment… In January 2020, Colonel Dexter nanali, the garrison commander of Fort Detrick, publicly admitted that the army and its laboratories had been unable to control “materials from use to destruction” in recent years before the construction of a new incinerator.

Therefore, the suspected virus has a good chance to spread widely among military personnel inside and outside Fort Detrick.

Cloud of doubt: what kind of virus?

Let’s see what kind of virus will spread inside and outside Fort Detrick?

The US military times has quoted the freedom of information act to ask for the investigation report of the US CDC, but many key contents have been deleted. Only for the public part, the “attitude” of Debao biological laboratory towards biological agents and toxins is very frightening.

Image source: Twitter screenshot

In the list of violations, an act marked as “serious violation” is that the personnel enter a laboratory many times without respiratory protection, while others in the room are operating on non-human primates. This violation causes the respiratory system of the experimental personnel to be directly exposed to the aerosol of a specific preparation.

In addition, non-human primates infected with the virus were simply caged, and many personnel entered the laboratory directly without wearing appropriate respiratory protection devices; Some personnel do not wear gloves at all when dealing with biohazardous waste; A staff member opened the door of the autoclave room when transferring pest waste – which seriously increased the risk of contaminated air entering the autoclave room from the room, and the personnel in the sterilization room did not wear respiratory protective equipment.

In addition, the appearance of the laboratory building was not sealed, there were cracks in the ceiling and biosafety cabinet, and the personnel had a “systematic failure” in the implementation of biosafety and control measures

However, the CDC refused to release more details on the grounds of “national security”.