Epidemic storm eye Nanjing Lukou Airport

So far, although the Nanjing CDC has determined that the first batch of infected people are the cleaning and ground service personnel of Lukou Airport, many problems have not been explained, such as how the cleaning personnel are infected and which international flight is the source of the so-called overseas input.

After another rain, on the afternoon of July 28, the sky in Nanjing ushered in a clear up during the transit of Typhoon “fireworks”. Although the sunshine lasted less than 4 hours, it was enough to dry the clothes accumulated by many families for many days.

Municipal government forenoon novel coronavirus pneumonia spokesman, who was informed by the Nanjing Municipal Health Protection Commission spokesman on the morning of July 29th, announced 18 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Nanjing in the 24 hours of July 28th. The trend of the number of newly diagnosed positive cases increased over the past 3 days.

Novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Center in Jiangning District of Nanjing received a report on epidemic prevention in the forenoon of Jiangning airport on the morning of July 20th. During routine periodic (weekly) nucleic acid tests, 9 samples were found to be positive, and all samples were airport cleaners. That afternoon, the Nanjing municipal government organized a press conference to inform the public of the incident.

It can be seen from the provincial epidemic prevention and control video dispatching meeting presided over by Jiangsu Governor Wu Zhenglong on the morning of July 29 and the prevention and control meeting held in the name of the provincial government since the outbreak of the epidemic, under the situation of phased achievements in national epidemic prevention and control, overall stabilization of the national epidemic and accelerated vaccination, There are many qualitative about the sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Nanjing: first, it defines the event, namely “Nanjing Lukou Airport epidemic”; Second, the lessons from the epidemic events are profound, which must be deeply reflected and vigilant; Third, the “export of external defense” is a political responsibility, and the provincial and municipal defense lines must be firmly guarded; Fourth, we must minimize the losses caused by the epidemic.

Since the airport cleaners were the first to detect positive by nucleic acid test, Nanjing Lukou Airport has become the focus of discussion in the whole society since July 20. On the afternoon of July 23, the Jiangsu provincial Party committee announced that Feng Jun, the party secretary and chairman of the eastern Airport Group Co., Ltd., had been suspended and replaced by Qian Kaifa, the former party secretary and chairman of the CPPCC special committee.

Taking into account the flow survey, information disclosure procedures and other factors, the spokesman of Nanjing CDC announced at the press conference on the morning of July 27 that the early infection cases of the epidemic occurred among the cabin cleaners, spread rapidly among the cabin cleaners, and then spread further through social activities and work environment pollution. Therefore, the key information points such as the initial outbreak place, the first batch of infected people, virus characteristics and transmission route of the epidemic were published to the society.

Due to the dual particularity of Nanjing Lukou Airport and the delta virus, as of the time of publication, according to the combing statistics of the 21st century economic report reporter, there were 19 confirmed cases of spillover in Nanjing, 10 asymptomatic infections, and 6 people were positive for nucleic acid testing, involving 7 provinces and 16 cities.

Zhang Wenhong, head of novel coronavirus pneumonia medical treatment expert group in Shanghai, said in July 29th that the epidemic situation in Nanjing was following the “dot linear diffusion” rule. At present, if we regard the airport as an outbreak point, we will follow the route to spread to all provinces and cities. The Nanjing epidemic spread across provinces, becoming a new mode of domestic transmission caused by imported epidemic.

At 8 a.m. on July 29, according to the unified deployment, Nanjing entered the third round of full staff nucleic acid testing. According to the analysis of Nanjing Health Commission, from July 25 to 27, there was a sharp increase in new positive confirmed cases in Nanjing, which is closely related to measures such as expanding control and intensive screening.