Pat your wife on the back every three hours

Share each other’s lives and then say good night, or fall asleep over one sentence of nonsense after another.

Mutual listening and talking, let the dull day also become lively and interesting.

Han Han says: the byproduct of love is nonsense.

The man who loves you has the desire to talk to you.

 Marriage, community property, happiness

Never give up, want to protect you forever comprehensive

Chen Daoming said: “The love between husband and wife, not in the flower before the moon, but when the disaster is approaching.”

The mouth may lie, but the body doesn’t.

A man love you or not, the performance of the hospital bed at a glance.

Lao Yuan and Zhu Hong, a very ordinary couple.

In 2011, a car accident left Zhu in a vegetative state and she may never wake up.

Old Yuan, who was not rich, borrowed all his relatives and friends, just wanted to give his wife the best treatment.

Someone advised him to give up, but Old Yuan refused: “She has never enjoyed any happiness with me. How can I give up?”

In order to take care of his wife, he quit his job to learn professional nursing knowledge, and never left for a moment:

Pat your wife on the back every three hours, day or night, for fear of bedsores

Three meals a day to liquid, feed the nasal feeding tube to his wife;

Give your wife a glass of water every two hours;Nasally feed apples or bananas every three hours.

For five years Zhu Hong lay down, and for five years Old Yuan kept it.Finally, more than 2,000 days and nights later, a miracle happened.

On an ordinary night, Scarlet finally opens her eyes. She can laugh, talk and remember the people around her.

Looking at his wife, Yuan smiled and his eyes watered. He kissed his wife’s face and whispered:

“I can’t bear you.”

Roland said: “When you really love someone, you will forget your own pain and loss, but only care about the other person’s pain and loss.

Careful care when ill, never give up when desperate, is the man’s marriage vows to protect, but also the best evidence of his love for you.

The man who loves you has the desire to protect you all your life.

Sex and the City says, “How we behave in bed is how we live our lives.”

A man loves you or not, in fact, it’s obvious.

The man who truly loves you can give you more than just physical pleasure.

Maybe he won’t say sweet words, but know your joys and sorrows, know your joys and sorrows.

Maybe he is not perfect, but let you three winter warm, let you spring not cold, give you all the gentle and careful, do always than earlier on the road.

Please believe that there is always a kind of love in this world, there is no chicken flying dog jumping, no conspiracy, more worth it or not.

There will always be a man who loves you and is waiting for you at some point in your life to share a room with two people, three meals for four seasons and the rest of your life together.

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  • The man who loves you longs to talk to you.

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