Charm in the eyes of epidemic storm in Western Hunan

July 29 (Zhang Yanzheng, Fu Yumei) a performance in Zhangjiajie is extending the epidemic transmission chain. In July 29th, novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing 227th press conference, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing City CDC introduced, July 28th 0 to July 29th 12, Beijing 2 new cases of Beijing new epidemic pneumonia associated with new confirmed cases, all Hunan Zhangjiajie return to Beijing personnel.

28, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters office issued a circular. After assessment, the first scene (18:00-19:00) of the evening of July 22nd was attractive to all spectators in Xiangxi, and it belonged to high-risk groups in Zhangjiajie. ​

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a major threat to tourism. Just entered the heat of summer travel, also stepped on the “emergency brake”.

Zhangjiajie landscape information map. Photographed by Zhang Yanzheng of Zhongxin longitude and latitude

Charming Xiangxi: the number of reception reached a record high

Some time ago, with the recovery of domestic tourism, the charm of Zhangjiajie and the heat of Xiangxi scenic spot were not small. According to the official account of Zhangjiajie tourism official WeChat, July 22nd, Wulingyuan Wulingyuan’s “charming Xiangxi” scenic spot has been playing the tourists in recent days. It has performed four times a day and received more than 10000 people. This year, the number of visitors has reached a record high. As of July 21, it has received 900000 performance visitors in 2021, exceeding the whole year of 2020, an increase of 55% compared with the same period in 2019, setting a record high and ranking among the best in the national tourism performance lineup.

Zhou Mingqi, founder of Jingjian think tank and researcher of China Theme Park Research Institute, said in an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei client that every summer is the peak tourism season. Affected by the epidemic, many students could not leave the province and the city last year. These accumulated travel needs appeared intensively in this summer, and the student travel and parent-child travel market is hot.

Zhongxin Jingwei client noted that the charm of Xiangxi only resumed four performances on July 5 this year, saying that “according to the strong requirements of customers of travel agencies and guide friends, it has resumed four regular performances every day in the peak summer tourism season.”

The third-party ticketing platform shows that the market price of charming Xiangxi performance is between 268 yuan and 308 yuan. According to the estimation of four performances and full seats every day, the daily ticket revenue of charming Xiangxi is more than one million yuan.

Less than a month after the summer normalization of charming Xiangxi resumed, the theater was pressed the pause button. According to the official wechat announcement of charming Xiangxi on the 28th, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the performance of “charming Xiangxi” was suspended from July 28 to August 3 (a total of 7 days).

@Boy: I just want to go to Zhangjiajie for fun. The summer plan will be rearranged… I’d better squat at home!

@Zong Xiaomi: mainly to Hunan. Everyone is very relaxed. They don’t wear masks.

@Forget the Jianghu 100: after all, it’s too hot to wear a mask because of the high temperature of 37 to 38 degrees in Hunan.

@Nico Nicole Orange: we should reduce the scale of the show and keep everyone away.

It is understood that the charming Xiangxi theater is divided into indoor performance and outdoor performance. The indoor performance is relatively closed, and the scenic spot requires wearing masks when entering. However, in an interview with the media, the theater staff said that it was difficult for them to grasp whether the audience could consciously wear masks after admission. According to the official wechat of charming Western Hunan, its indoor performance was officially opened on May 13, 2020 after the epidemic.

Wu Liyun, an associate professor of the Chinese culture and Tourism Industry Research Institute of Beijing International Studies University, analyzed the China Singapore Jingwei client analysis. The result of the rapid spread of the epidemic in Nanjing was the suspension of the performance of the charming Xiangxi. For the culture and tourism industry that has just recovered, this is undoubtedly another shot in the arm. With the spread of the epidemic in Nanjing to many provinces and cities across the country, the new wave of epidemic strains is more harmful, and local travel policies for residents will be tightened.

In Zhou Mingqi’s view, different from the audience size of dozens or hundreds of people in the cinema, the audience seats of large-scale performance projects are more than thousands. Moreover, because the audience comes from all over the country and has great mobility, it is easy to spread across regions and regions if there are epidemic prevention loopholes.

Who is operating behind the charm of Xiangxi?

Who is the operator behind this large scenic spot? According to the official website, charismatic Xiangxi belongs to charismatic Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as charismatic cultural tourism). Established in 2000, the charismatic cultural brigade is mainly engaged in a large-scale national song and dance epic – “Zhangjiajie · charismatic Xiangxi”. The company owns Zhangjiajie charming Xiangxi International Cultural Square, a famous cultural tourism and performance base at home and abroad. The square has a total investment of 450 million yuan, covers an area of 31.22 Mu and has 2800 seats.

The official website also shows that in the 20 years since its establishment, Zhangjiajie • charming Xiangxi has received more than 16 million Chinese and foreign tourists and has a far-reaching impact. In 2019, the annual reception volume will reach 1.5 million; At present, one of every three tourists who come to Zhangjiajie for sightseeing watches Zhangjiajie • charming Xiangxi.

In 2017, Zhangjiajie • charming Xiangxi was newly revised and upgraded, and the famous director Feng Xiaogang was employed as the general director, the famous musician Liu Huan as the music director, etc. After the revision, the popularity of the performance remained high.