A self built mansion in Hangzhou has become a “public toilet”

“People come to borrow toilets in our family almost every day. There are four or five more. We don’t use the toilets on the first floor.”

Last night (July 28), Mr. Zhang, who lives in Shuangpu Town, Hangzhou, posted a post on the hourly news “help group”, with a helpless tone“ Our family has five toilets. People are in urgent need. We also have compassion. It’s no problem to borrow them occasionally. But in the long run, it’s really a little unbearable. ”

He felt that the key to the problem was that the scenery near his home was beautiful, but it was difficult to find public toilets.

“When can we build more toilets for everyone?”

1】 The beautiful self built house meets people who come to borrow the toilet every day

Mr. Zhang’s home is a self built house with three and a half floors on Yuanpu street, Shuangpu town. The house is close to the road, which is the only way from several nearby villages to the town.

Five minutes’ walk from his house, you can see a beautiful Fuchun River.

Two years ago, the house was renovated.

Mr. Zhang is engaged in art training, has his own aesthetics, and has undertaken all the interior design of the house“ All the windows are gentle shutters, and the door is decorated with rose flowers. At night, a little light comes out, and everyone passing by will look back. ”

The house is also a gift for his parents.

The interior of the house is a simple and elegant design style, carefully selected from furniture to every ornament.

High end brands are used for furniture, which is expensive.