Japan’s theory of “Anti China” subjugation

“Japan may not survive without China” and “Japan’s prosperity cannot be achieved by” breaking away from China “… Under the background of Japan’s rightist and pro american trend becoming more and more obvious, these views expressed by Professor Toshio fukusaka of the Institute of overseas affairs of Japan’s colonization University in his new book on” Anti China “national subjugation have aroused widespread discussion.

The cover of the book reads: “the real reason why Japan can’t survive without China” and “the strongest China observer thoroughly explains to the Japanese the way to look at China correctly!” Relevant comments believe that “Japan’s tone of suspicion against China and Anti China has reached the point of hysteria, and it is necessary to rethink Japan China relations from a new perspective”.

A few days ago, in an exclusive interview with a reporter from the global times, fukusako said that Japan has misjudged China, and once it breaks away from normal exchanges with China, Japan will “suffer great losses” and suffer serious losses. This is the main meaning of “subjugation” in the title of the book. He also stressed that Japan and China should strengthen exchanges, eliminate misunderstandings, make full use of the current period of development opportunities in Asia and achieve a win-win situation.

“Write this book even if you are attacked violently”

Global Times: in the current atmosphere of Japanese public opinion on China, why did you put forward the “Anti China” theory of national subjugation “to remind the Japanese people that” Japan cannot survive without China “?

Fukusako: the biggest problem in diplomacy is the emotional collision between the people. Once the national feelings of Japan and China fall into a state of mutual collision, it will be a loss to Japan and China. Now there are signs of such a collision between Japan and China, indicating that bilateral relations have begun to slide to a negative state. In order to avoid further deterioration of the situation, I published a new book on “Anti China” subjugation.

Global Times: what is the most important message of the new book?

Fukusako: the world’s development engine is in Asia, but this dividend period is limited. If we don’t take advantage of this period to obtain benefits, the next development engine may be transferred to Africa or other parts of the world. We can see that countries outside the region are joining the competition for interests in Asia, which makes the situation more and more complicated. I think that as two Asian powers, Japan and China “hurt each other” is a very dangerous thing. In this case, Asian countries, including Japan, should control the “seeds of disputes” and do not miss the rare development opportunity. Especially for Japan, whose economic growth is slowing down, it is urgent to obtain the largest economic development during this dividend period, which is even related to Japan’s future.

Global Times: does it take courage to publish such a book in today’s Japan?

Toshio fukusaka: Yes. In Japan, criticism of China is still rampant, and the Chinese intellectuals in Japan are facing a headwind. As we all know, Japan’s media ecology is dominated by business news, which can be understood as “selling news”. In other words, what readers like to see, journalists write. Negative reports about China such as “China is wrong” are very popular, which is also the current mainstream argument.

People who are good at marketing only need to follow the mainstream to “speak ill of China together”. This method is both labor-saving and profitable, but there is a risk – in case of a fierce collision between the national feelings of China and Japan in the future, the bilateral relations will be at an impasse, which will be of no benefit to anyone. I hope to remind Japan to recognize the reality and not to be emotional before the “double lose” situation occurs.

The Japanese always think that “we should keep the same idea as everyone” and are not able to accept different views, which is really different in the international community. In this case, my idea may be fiercely attacked because “non mainstream” is considered wrong. Even so, I will continue to emphasize the same point. Because “fighting” with China is not good for Japan, I must remind Japan of the possible consequences before Japan regrets.

Japan tends to judge international issues from the aspects of right and wrong and feelings, which is easy to fall into a huge trap, and Japan’s diplomacy has failed. In fact, the relations of the international community need to be judged calmly according to the advantages and disadvantages, which is difficult for the Japanese who are used to “black or white”.

“Anti China” will make Japan “suffer heavy losses”

Global Times: how to view Japan’s domestic “off China theory”?

Toshio fukusaka: although some people exaggerate the “theory of breaking away from China”, considering the actual situation, only a few people think it is feasible. Therefore, this argument is not the mainstream in Japan. The “decoupling” between China and the United States alone is enough to have a serious impact on Japan. If it “disengages from China”, Japan has no other room for development, and its economy will certainly be dealt a fatal blow. Therefore, the so-called “theory of breaking away from China” can not be realized at all.

Global Times: will Japan’s “Anti China” really lead to Japan’s “subjugation” like the name of this book?

TSUO fukusaka: “if the Anti China sentiment is high, of course it will” subjugate the country “. However, the” subjugation “here does not mean that Japan is completely gone, but that Japan will” suffer great losses “and suffer serious losses. This is the main meaning of the” subjugation “in the Title of the book.