There are many cases associated with Zhangjiajie

In July 29th, more and more people reported the history of COVID-19’s infection in Zhangjiajie. As of 24:00 on July 28, Zhangjiajie related cases had spread to Liaoning, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places, infecting at least 16 people. From July 20 to now, 171 local confirmed cases have been reported in Nanjing.

Xu Dazhe, Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, stressed that we should pay attention to small problems early, take precautions against them, respond quickly and respond scientifically, effectively tighten the string of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and the safety and stability of the overall social situation.

On July 28, “Zhangjiajie charming Xiangxi” released the notice on epidemic prevention and control of charming Xiangxi, which said that due to the track intersection in time and space of three asymptomatic infected persons diagnosed in Dalian, Liaoning Province on July 26 and one asymptomatic infected person diagnosed in Dalian on July 27, they jointly pointed to the charming Xiangxi theater in Zhangjiajie on the evening of July 22. After evaluation, On the evening of July 22, the first scene (18:00-19:00) in charming Xiangxi, all the audience belong to high-risk groups.

According to the website data of charming Xiangxi theater, “Zhangjiajie charming Xiangxi” theater was founded in 2000. From the initial small theater with 200 people, it has developed into a small theater with an area of 31.22 Mu and 2600 seats. At 17:00 on July 28, the staff of Zhangjiajie charming Xiangxi told the health times, “there were about 2000 spectators that night. We didn’t have a seat apart. They all sat next to each other. Although everyone is required to wear masks when entering the theater, it is impossible to ensure that tourists wear masks throughout the whole process. ”

Source: charming Xiangxi official website

The notice shows that from July 28 to August 3, the theater of “charming Xiangxi” will be suspended for one week. However, according to the staff of Zhangjiajie scenic spot, Zhangjiajie scenic spot is still open normally, and tourists who have purchased tickets can travel normally.

Liaoning has found that 4 cases of infection (1 confirmed and 3 asymptomatic) are related to Zhangjiajie

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was not diagnosed in Liaoning province from 0 to 19 in July 26th, according to the Liaoning Health Protection Committee in July 27th. Three new local asymptomatic infections were reported by Dalian. Asymptomatic infections associated with Nanjing Lukou Airport were found in the investigation of personnel returning from Nanjing to Liaoning.

Asymptomatic infection 1: a female, 40 years old, company cashier; Asymptomatic infected person 2: a female, 12 years old, student, who has a mother daughter relationship with asymptomatic infected person 1; Asymptomatic infected person 3: a female, 12 years old, student.

The mothers of the above asymptomatic infected persons and asymptomatic infected persons 3 took flight mf8058 from Dalian via Nanjing Lukou International Airport on July 17, 2021 and took flight ho1753 (seat No. 33H of asymptomatic infected persons 1, seat No. 33K of asymptomatic infected persons 2 and seat No. 33J of asymptomatic infected persons 3) to Zhangjiajie. During this period, they stayed at Nanjing Lukou Airport for about 2 hours.