The Nanjing epidemic has infected hundreds of people across the country

The current round of epidemic caused by Nanjing Lukou Airport continues to be concerned by public opinion. Red Star News reporter combed the official data released in Nanjing and found that from July 20 to now, in only 8 days, the Nanjing epidemic has caused 112 local people to be infected, and the transmission chain has spilled out to 9 places in 5 provinces, causing 16 people to be infected. In other words, as of press time, 128 people have been infected in this round of epidemic.

On July 27, Ding Jie, deputy director of Nanjing CDC, said at the press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Nanjing that the same delta strain triggered this round of epidemic. Based on this, several experts judged that this round of epidemic was also caused by overseas input. Nanjing Lukou International Airport, as the “beginning” of the epidemic, has infected 58 people, including 47 airport cleaners.

Why are the infected people concentrated in the cleaning personnel group in the Nanjing epidemic? What stage has Nanjing epidemic prevention and control entered? On July 27, Jin Dongyan, Professor of biomedical College of Li Ka Shing Medical College of the University of Hong Kong, made a detailed analysis to Red Star News.

▲ Nanjing requires that citizens and passengers leaving Nanjing should carry nucleic acid negative certificates within 48 hours, according to

Spillover to 9 places in 5 provinces

After 8 days of epidemic in Nanjing, 128 cases of infection occurred in China

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was newly diagnosed in Jiangsu in July 27th, and 31 cases were diagnosed in Nanjing, 0-24 of which were diagnosed as new crown pneumonia, and 7 of them were diagnosed as asymptomatic infections in July 26, 2021. Among the newly confirmed local cases, there were 28 cases of mild type and 3 cases of common type. There were 3 confirmed cases from mild to common.

Since the first local confirmed cases in Nanjing on July 20, up to now, the local epidemic in Nanjing has infected 112 people in Nanjing. Among them, 106 local confirmed cases were reported locally, 6 local asymptomatic infections, and 16 confirmed patients came from other provinces and cities.

Red Star News reporter found that in 8 days (from 20:00 on July 20 to 27), the epidemic transmission chain of Nanjing Lukou Airport has now been associated with 5 provinces and 9 places, including Nanjing, with a total of 128 infected people. The epidemic affected areas include Shenyang, Liaoning (5 cases) and Dalian (4 cases), Zhongshan, Guangdong (1 case) and Zhuhai (1 case) Sichuan Mianyang (1 case) and Luzhou (1 case), Jiangsu Suqian (1 case), Anhui Wuhu (1 case) and Ma’anshan (1 case). 16 cases of associated infection have been reported in the above areas.

Based on the above data, a total of 128 people have been infected in the current round of epidemic chain found by Nanjing Lukou Airport in 8 days. According to the flow survey information, among the infected people found outside Nanjing, the earliest time of contact with Lukou Airport is July 14.

In terms of the severity and region of the infection, it is reported that among the 106 confirmed patients from Nanjing, 66 were mild, 38 were common and 2 were severe. From the distribution of 112 infected persons, there were 99 cases in Jiangning District, 6 cases in Lishui District, 2 cases in Gaochun District, and 1 case in Xuanwu District, Qinhuai District, Jianye District, Gulou District and Qixia District.