The US Secretary of state went to India

American officials have been busy recently. Deputy Secretary of state Sherman is running in East Asia; Austin, Secretary of defense, spoke in all kinds of Southeast Asia; Secretary of state Lincoln, just went to India.

It’s raining in New Delhi, and blankin probably didn’t expect it. It caused controversy as soon as he got off the plane.

You can look at the pictures.

When he got off the plane, Lincoln came down with his umbrella.

The following Indian officials and the U. S. ambassador to India stood in a row, waiting to meet him.

Interestingly, seeing that the rain was not heavy and it was probably troublesome to hold an umbrella, brinklein quickly took the umbrella away.

However, Indian officials and American ambassadors still have umbrellas. Moreover, they don’t take umbrellas by themselves. It should be that the Indians behind owe themselves to help them take umbrellas.

Even if there is a lady next to them in the rain, they don’t care, as long as they have an umbrella on their head.

You can take a closer look. It must be Indian officials wrapped in headscarves next to them; The bald fat man is the U.S. ambassador to India.

Seeing some netizens commented: won’t they take umbrellas by themselves?

After rounds of public opinion events, we all know that there is politics in the umbrella, especially in public occasions. Don’t let others hold the umbrella.

Lincoln noticed this and got off the plane with his umbrella. But the American ambassador doesn’t care. He just wants Indians to help him with his umbrella. The U.S. ambassador is also under the control of the Secretary of state, and it remains the responsibility of blankin.