Dialogue and participation in rescue firefighters of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5

Yinquanming, political instructor of Nanyang Road station, Jinshui brigade of Zhengzhou fire rescue detachment and 14 firefighters of the team, are the first fire rescue forces to arrive at the trapped site of Metro Line 5 train on July 20.

In an interview with the surging news (www.thepaper.cn), Yin said that they rushed to the scene urgently after receiving the notice, but the culvert passed by was flooded and could only reach the place by crossing the wire mesh of 2m high.

Yin said they saw after they got to the subway station at Shakou road that the water in the tunnel at the platform was no longer in the chest. From the platform to the trapped train, there are more than 200 meters. The tunnel is inclined, the deeper the water goes in. Some of the trapped people have been evacuated from the evacuation platform in the tunnel. At that time, the rescue team was divided into two teams. The first team evacuated the trapped people on the evacuation platform. The first team fixed the rope between the platform emergency passage and the evacuation platform, so that everyone could pull forward and form a human wall outside to block the turbulence. The second team of rescue team swam to the train to rescue people.

“(at that time) the most urgent and most thought was to save everyone.” Said Yin Quanming.

Provided by the interviewees at the rescue site

On July 20, Zhengzhou suffered from extreme heavy rain. According to the official wechat issued by Zhengzhou, at 18:00 on the same day, the water burst out of the water retaining wall of the entrance line and entered the main line section, resulting in a train stopping at the Beach Street station and Shakou Road Station Tunnel of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5. Zhengzhou Metro issued the whole line network stop order, organized forces, evacuated the masses, a total of more than 500 people. According to media reports, from 21:13 on July 20 to 2.10 a.m. the next day, during the 5-hour emergency rescue, more than 300 people were rescued and evacuated from the “three forces” of the fire rescue detachment of Zhengzhou City, which went to the rescue.

According to Zhengzhou released July 27 news, reporters from Zhengzhou flood control and drought relief headquarters learned that 14 people were killed in the “7.20 incident” of Metro Line 5.

“The tunnel is inclined, the deeper the water goes in”

Surging news: when did the rescue team receive orders?

Yinquanming: it was too busy that day, only to help, not to pay attention to time. On the way to another scene on July 20, I received a notice from the command center of Zhengzhou fire brigade that there were more trapped people in Metro Line 5 and the situation was urgent. That night, we waded to the subway station. The subway station of Shakou road is located in a special position, and all the roads leading to the station are to pass through the culvert. At that time, the water had been flush with the top edge of the culvert. Ask traffic police on site to control traffic, saying that the deepest place of water is 10 meters. We can’t go through it, but we can only bypass.

Later, we turned over the fence of the Beijing Guangzhou railway, which is nearly 2 meters high above the culvert, wading about 500 meters before we reached the subway station of Shakou road. Firefighters were scratched by wire and dressed, but they all tried to protect rescue equipment.

Video screenshot

Surging news: how many people have you gone and what equipment have you brought? What was the situation at the scene when we arrived?

Yin Quanming: I and the team members, 15 people, with demolition equipment, lighting equipment, swimming rings, life jackets, stretchers. At that time, there was water around the station. We went in from the entrance of the northeast corner, and the water flowed from the station entrance to the inside. Some measures were taken over the subway side, and the flow speed was not large. When we got in, we rushed in the first time, thinking of going in the first time, telling the command center the real situation inside, and saving the trapped people the first time.

Surging news: what’s the situation in the subway tunnel?

Yinquanming: when we arrive, the water in the tunnel at the platform is no longer in the chest. However, during the rescue, the water level has dropped. From the platform to the trapped train, there are more than 200 meters. The tunnel is inclined, the deeper the water goes in. At that time, the front of the train had derailed and slanted to the other side, but it didn’t tilt badly. On the right side of the tunnel, there is an evacuation platform with a width of less than one meter. A small number of the trapped people have escaped through this platform.