The man who really loves you always talks a lot

Sangoma said: “If you do not put love into the actual life of dressing, eating, sleeping, is not long.”

Love depends on hormonal impulses, but a long marriage depends on the small details.

Whether a man really loves you depends on whether he has these three desires for you.

Hold you to sleep, want to give you a sense of security.

Marriage, community property, happiness

American writer Honey once said: “Husband and wife rely on each other, cuddling and cuddling, is a love to the depths of a necessity.”

Double bed is the warmest place in home, but more and more people are used to falling asleep with their mobile phones in their arms. The two beds are cold and silent with their backs to each other.

Men love do not love you, sleep when the body movement will not lie.

In the show “My Wife’s Romantic Journey,” Cheng talked about her and Guo’s special sleeping habits.

She used to sleep on Guo xiaodong’s arm and turned around as if someone was holding her.

“If we fight and don’t hug him tonight, he won’t be able to sleep.”

Guo Xiaodong also said:

“If Cheng goes out, my biggest concern is her sleep.

We’ve slept together so well for so many years, it’s hard to sleep apart, both of us.”

A person sleep is rest, two people embrace is sweet dream.

When a man is willing to use his arms to give you tired comfort, peace of mind in the night.Every night I hold you in my arms, and I keep you warm with my whole life.

Don’t doubt, he must love you.

The man who loves you has the desire to be near you.

Put down the phone and want to chat with you

He said: “You know what is the most important thing in a relationship?It’s not about looks, it’s not about bread, it’s not even loyalty, it’s sharing.”

The most hopeless thing about marriage is the deaf-mute couple.

The two people in the double bed are thinking about different things, there is no response, nothing to say, like living in two different worlds.

The man who really loves you always talks a lot.

During an appearance on Venus, Mark Chao was asked about married life: Do you talk a lot when you come home?

“Very many!” chao said.

Venus surprised to ask: “the main is you say?”

“No,” chao said. “They were both talking crazy.”

As we all know, Mark chao was not very talkative, but whenever he was with Gao at home, he always had endless topics to talk about and opinions to discuss.

Because I have you in my heart, I don’t want to miss your little drops, because I want to be close to you, and I am also willing to listen to you say a lot of insignificant things no matter how tired.

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  • What you say is not important, what matters is the process of speaking

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