Trapped train and Henan mountain village

An old lady in red raincoat, wearing slippers, climbed down the hillside carefully, and took a basket of newly branded cakes to K31 train. The car that had been in trouble was boiling, and some passengers handed her money from the window, and she shook her head.

On July 20, K31 train was trapped at mugou station. Picture provided by the interviewee

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The rain was still falling, and a green train was trapped in the ditch.

On July 20, K31 train from Fuzhou to Luoyang was detained at mugou village station, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The landslides occur on both sides of the mountain, mud water has been flowing down, and the grooves of the track have become small pools of muddy yellow.

More than 900 people were trapped on the train for 48 hours, and once lost contact with the outside world. With the prolongation of waiting time, people first rush to buy food, queue for charging, smash windows to escape, and then they start to help each other, share drugs and get familiar with each other.

The heavy rain trapped K31 and the whole village of mugou.

The village has a permanent population of only 1000 people and is hidden in a gully. The torrential rain has led to landslides in the mountain. The village has become an isolated island because of its water cut, power failure and signal breaking. The roads to the village were washed off by heavy rain, and the mud became a mud.

Niu Dengke, the village secretary, was busy in rescue and relief. He learned that K31 train was trapped. He mobilized villagers to cook noodles and dumplings to help. On the 21st, supplies from neighboring stations were gradually in place, and 16 bus reinforcements came. In the afternoon, all the trapped passengers were transferred safely.

At 5:31 p.m. on the 23rd, after 96 hours delay, the trapped K31 train finally arrived at the end.

A train that stopped suddenly

At 3:20 p.m. on July 19, K31 train stopped at Zhengzhou station on time.

The sky is gray, and there is a drizzle. Cao Ming, a college student in Zhengzhou, lined up on the platform and waited for the bus to get on. He often takes the bus, and he is most familiar with it. After more than one hour, after two stops, the train can reach the terminal Luoyang station, just in time for dinner at home.

29 minutes later, the train started.

Through the window, the rain is getting bigger and bigger, Cao Ming received a message from Zhengzhou Yellow rainstorm warning. He didn’t care, thinking it was just a common heavy rain in summer.

After another 30 minutes, the train has not yet left Zhengzhou City, suddenly “bang” a sound, stopped.

“Due to weather, the train will stop for a while and the passage time shall be notified separately.” The car circulates the announcement, Cao Ming looks out of the window, the rain curtain is fuzzy, the passengers on the car as usual chat, read books, sleep. He also waited patiently, “the train is normal to stop and walk.”

Screenshot of K31 train schedule. Source: 12306 official website

At the meal point, the train crew pushing the trolley full of snacks shuttled through the carriages: “coffee, milk, fruit, do you have any passengers in need?” More than 900 people were stranded on the train, and snacks on the cart were soon sold out.

The dining car was also full of people, and the smell of noodles spread. Cao Ming is hungry too. He bought the last bowl of noodles on the car. Thinking that he might not go back tonight, he sent a message to his family, “don’t wait, tomorrow morning to see if I can go back.”

Around 8 p.m., the train broadcast rang again, and the passengers learned the reason for the detention: “the road ahead collapsed and was still in emergency repair.”

Speculation spread in the car, some said the front collapsed, some said the bridge hole collapsed, and others said the flood had washed the road off. No one knows the specific situation and when to fix it. Cao Ming asks the conductor, and the other party shakes his head and says it is unclear.

By 12 o’clock in the night, the train still didn’t leave.