Huanshi Rui comments: congratulations to McNeil for winning the gold

Canada’s Margaret McNeil won the gold medal in the women’s 100m Butterfly at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Her Asian face quickly attracted reports on the identity of the athlete: she was born in Jiangxi and adopted by a Canadian couple at the age of 1. This information makes some Chinese feel embarrassed or have more complex feelings.

We haven’t seen how McNeil talked about her adopted background and experience, but anyway, we want to sincerely congratulate her at this time and thank the Canadian couple for their cultivation after adopting her.

China, which is getting richer and stronger, should be able to face everything that has happened in our society, including some children, especially baby girls, abandoned by their parents, and some of them have been adopted by foreign families. We wish those children a happy life. We also hope that the comprehensive progress in China, including the progress of economy and law and the change of the concept of son preference, can continuously reduce the occurrence of abandonment and make those touching stories gradually return to zero.

McNeil’s Olympic gold medal has touched the heartstrings of many Chinese people. We don’t need to be uncomfortable because of these feelings. Chinese society today stands at a different height from the past. However, this is how we have come over the years. McNeil recorded a real scratch. We don’t need to erase it. Because of McNeil’s life experience, a new round of accusations against son preference have taken place on China’s Internet. We call such accusations.

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Foreign media: Chinese girl McNeil picked the first gold for Canada

McNeil was at the award ceremony on July 26. On the same day, McNeil of Canada won the championship in the women’s 100m Butterfly final of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Photographed by Ding Xu of Xinhua News Agency

Reference News Network reported on July 27 that, according to the website of Canada’s Xingdao daily on July 25, Canada’s first gold medal was released, and McNeil won the women’s 100m Butterfly Gold Medal for Canada.

It is reported that McNeil is the favorite to win the championship. She has just won a 4 × The silver medal in the 100 meter freestyle relay has now won the gold medal with a good result of 55.59 seconds in the 100 meter butterfly, which has also set the best record in Canada. In the first 50 meters of the competition, she didn’t squeeze into the top three, but in the last 50 meters, she was explosive and rushed all the way to gold.