China’s attitude is very strong

Comrade Wangyi was very busy, and only then returned from his visit to the Middle East, and he was still in a hurry and two heavy-weight diplomacy.

If we subdivide, even more than two, we can simply divide them into two games by place.

The first scene, in Chengdu, is Dujiangyan.

The first round of strategic dialogue at the foreign ministers level between China and Portugal is held. This is a video.

Meeting with foreign ministers of Malta, Pakistan and Finland is a face-to-face meeting.

I read the press release and talked well.

Foreign Minister Silva, who came to Chengdu, made clear that:

Science and politics should be separated from each other. The source of tracing is to better deal with the future, not to target or criticize specific countries… Portugal appreciates the Chinese enterprises’ legal operation in Portugal, and the Portuguese market will always open to Chinese enterprises

Finnish Foreign Minister harvesto is also pleased to come to Chengdu and also expresses his opinion:

The Finnish side fully understands China’s concerns about the issue of virus traceability, and advocates that traceability should be conducted in a scientific manner… The Finnish side supports the EU China investment agreement and the Greek agreement has been approved as soon as possible.

Maltese foreign minister Bartolo also believes that the virus traceability should be based on facts, and should not be politicized. Solidarity against epidemic is not an option but a necessary option.

There are many statements, I just cut one of them.

These three are all western countries, but if we can say so, we can weigh the weight of these words.

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