Nanjing father and son carry the assault boat

In recent days, the flood situation in Xinxiang has attracted extensive attention, and more and more rescue teams have arrived at the scene. Among these rescue teams, a Nanjing citizen rushed to Xinxiang with his son overnight. They drove the assault boat they brought to shuttle through the flooded fields and communities, and saved dozens of trapped people a day. The citizen’s name is Yan Xinyi. He is 51 years old this year. On July 25, he told the reporter of modern express about the process of fighting against time and implementing rescue together with the on-site staff.

△ Yan Xinyi

Knowing that Xinxiang was affected by the flood, the father and son arrived at midnight with a assault boat

Yan Xinyi is a lawyer of Jiangsu fade Dongheng law firm. Recently, after seeing the news that Xinxiang, Henan suffered a heavy rainstorm and there was a lack of rescue boats, he wanted to take his inflatable assault boat and rush to help.

Yan Xinyi’s wife Zhang Min told reporters, “our assault boat was originally used to play. After seeing the news of the Zhengzhou flood, Yan Xinyi said that if the assault boat could play a role, it would be meaningful to save even one person. Later, when he learned of the rainstorm in Xinxiang, he couldn’t sit still. I also support his idea, but I’m really worried“

△ Yan Xinyi family

On the afternoon of the 23rd, with the help of his wife and colleagues, Yan Xinyi disassembled the assault boat into the car, took instant noodles, mineral water, biscuits and other materials, and set out with his son Yan Han“ His son is just an adult and strong. He can help, and he is willing to go. My wife wanted to go with me, but she didn’t go because she had a job“

△ Yan Han (first from the right)

Yan Xinyi and his son took turns driving. On the way, they contacted the staff of Xinxiang government and prepared to go to Fengquan district. At about 0:00 on the 24th, they arrived at Xinxiang along national highway 107 and found that the road ahead had been flooded and ordinary vehicles could not move on. They parked their car on a high ground on the side of the road, where there was a feed factory, which was used as a temporary material transfer point. After Yan Xinyi and his son had a simple rest here for 2-3 hours, they were told that the Muye bridge in front had been flooded and could not reach the scheduled target Fengquan district.