Us “COVID-19 traceability” was hit again

It has been two months since the US President Biden ordered the “COVID-19 traceability” survey, but the prospect is “not optimistic”. On the one hand, the intelligence agencies responsible for the investigation have made no progress from beginning to end and are always “standing in situ”. On the other hand, the relevant internal investigations of the US Congress have also been “infighting”.

In July 20th, the US Congress again held hearings on the issue of COVID-19’s traceability. Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease expert of the US federal government, and Rand Paul, the Republican Senator of Kentucky, are “tied” again. It is reported that Paul has repeatedly taken the so-called “Wuhan laboratory leak COVID-19” conspiracy theory speculation, the same day China Harbour evil designs, the United States funded the Wuhan Laboratory for research. His remarks were strongly countered by fudge, who angrily denounced Paul as a “liar”.

▲ at the US congressional hearing on the 20th, Rand Paul (left) was strongly refuted by fudge (right): “I am extremely disgusted with the lies you are preaching. If anyone here is lying, it’s you, Senator. ” According to Capitol Hill

In the face of some political problems of some American politicians, as a scientist, Fauci recently reiterated that COVID-19’s “laboratory leak theory” has no scientific evidence, and COVID-19’s “most likely” source is in the natural world.

What makes these politicians feel even more shameful is that Michael wooloughby, a well-known American evolutionary biologist who wrote a joint letter to science magazine in May this year calling for an investigation into the “laboratory leak”, suddenly turned against the water. According to the US media 24 reported that Wu Luo Bei came forward to interview, according to the recent analysis of early infection and other relevant data shows that COVID-19 “from other species to the possibility of human transmission is very great.”

“Virus detective” issued a paper on “beating himself in the face”

Appeal not to be distracted by conspiracy theory

According to reports, he is director of the Department of ecology and evolutionary biology, University of Arizona. He is also a well-known “virus detective” who specializes in the study of the origin of the epidemic. He has traced the origin of HIV and the “1918 flu”.

▲ Michael worobe, a famous American evolutionary biologist. According to the official website of the University of Arizona

On May 14 this year, he and 17 top scientists from the United States, Canada and Europe wrote a letter to science magazine calling for more research and investigation on the “laboratory leakage theory”. The open letter said novel coronavirus pneumonia may still be a result of “laboratory accidental leakage”, but the scientific community has not yet considered the possibility of “considering all the time”. “Before sufficient data are available, we must take seriously the hypothesis of natural origin and laboratory leakage.”

At that time, this remark was rebutted by many scientists, who said that Luo Luo Bei et al established a wrong reciprocal relationship between the two theories. In fact, there are many evidences that COVID-19 is a natural spread virus. David Robertson, a professor at the University of Glasgow virus research center in England, simply angrily said, “stop COVID-19 and the Wuhan Virus Research Institute.”

Unexpectedly, in just over a month, wuluobei went astray and “hit himself in the face”. According to US media reports, in July 7th, he published a preface to the “COVID-19 origin: commentary”, which he shared with other 20 top scientists from around the world in the open science knowledge base Zenodo.