Hebi ravaged by flood

The torrential rain in Henan mostly affected the central and northern part of Henan. As of the afternoon of July 25, this round of heavy rain had affected 9.3058 million people in 1373 townships and towns in 137 counties (cities and districts) of Henan Province, with 63 dead and 5 missing. Among them, Qi county and Jun County, two counties under the jurisdiction of Hebi City, were seriously affected. Among them, the severely affected areas of Qi county are mainly concentrated in Huangdong Township, Lingshan street and Xigang town.

(the picture says: it’s almost up to the water level on the roof.)

County Party secretary who hasn’t slept for three days

“Secretary Ma, our next work arrangement…”

At 3 p.m. on July 24, Yang Jianqiang, Secretary of Qi county Party committee, just returned to the headquarters from Huangdong township to visit the affected people, and received a call from Ma Fuguo, Secretary of Hebi municipal Party committee.

In front of Yang Jianqiang, there was a thick stack of flood control data, marked with colored notepaper. These days, he was at the headquarters and didn’t return all night“ I look forward to dawn at midnight. ” This rare heavy rain is a great pressure on the “new person” who has just taken office as the Secretary of the county Party Committee for less than half a year“ I think my bearing capacity is strong enough, but when I went to the scene, the people sat on the ground crying and all their property was gone. I’ll tell the people that you won’t be unable to eat or live in a house. ”

Yang Jianqiang introduced the difficulties of flood discharge in Qi county. He analyzed that, in short, the water in the lower reaches goes up and the water in the upper reaches goes down“ Xinxiang Communist canal is discharging flood, Cang river is discharging flood, and Wei River is also discharging flood. Most of the water is concentrated in Jun County, Qi county and Weihui area, resulting in the slow decline of the water level in these three areas, “so this area is also vividly called” flood hostel “locally.

In history, the annual rainfall of Qi county was about 500mm, 832mm in just two days, which is equal to two or three days of rain for two years. The whole Taihang mountain area is raining. Coupled with the typhoon “fireworks”, the moisture in the Pacific Ocean is continuously brought to Qi county like a water pump. Along the east side of the Taihang mountain range, it has been hovering over this area, resulting in a rare continuous heavy rainfall process in Xinxiang, Anyang and Hebi from July 17 to July 23.

Asked about the next plan, Yang Jianqiang said that first, make every effort to rescue, second, make every effort to rescue, third, restore order, and fourth, post disaster epidemic prevention“ So many animals died in the water, we have to find a way to transport them away at the first time, otherwise if they stay there and rot, it will easily lead to outbreaks of cholera and other diseases. ”

(picture: Surviving cows.)

Experienced villages and towns in flood detention areas

The overall terrain of Qi county is high in the West and low in the East. Xigang township is the lowest in Qi county. In addition, Xigang township is located in the intersection zone of three lines – Weihui, Qi county and Jun County, and the intersection zone of three streams – Communist canal, Qi River and Wei River, so two flood outlets are set at this site, belonging to liangxiangpo flood storage and detention area.

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